Last Hurrah

Well, we’ve made it; the summer is almost over. Julian starts school on Tuesday, and I’m feeling all the feels.

I’ve truly enjoyed this summer with the kids. No camp, no major distractions, a couple of trips to keep things fresh (Avalon and West Virginia). But mostly we created a mix of fun and laziness that allowed us not to kill each other. Instead, I enjoyed every day with the boys. Sure, there were challenging moments, but as opposed to relieved I feel kind of sad to see the summer come to an end.

Also, my baby is starting Kindergarten, so that’s kind of impossible. Except not. He is ready. And so am I. (Arthur won’t start pre-school until October.)

This past week we’ve started preparing for school. We’ve stocked up on lunchbox fillers…


…and we’ve talked about his first day with anticipation.

We had some fun with friends on an adventure day in Manhattan…


We played soccer and rode bikes…


(yes, I set the goal up upside down, whatever)

We did some art, and Arthur said goodbye to his wonderful blessing of a speech therapist. She will be so missed.


On Friday we met our friends at our favorite spot, Brooklyn Crab. It was a lovely summer night.


The kids had such a blast. We had shrimps and mussels and corn dogs and many, many laughs.

As the sun was setting, the kids were running around on the pier. It was magical.


Then, when Julian was tired from all the running, he sat down with me on the ground next to the bikes for a rest. Arthur was already in his bike seat and requested a drink of water. Jeff handed him the water bottle, it slipped, and fell straight on Julian’s finger.

The next morning: confirmation of a broken bone. My poor guy!


Julian has been so tough. He never complains about his finger, and it hasn’t slowed him down at all. I am thankful that it didn’t affect his right hand. In 6 to 8 weeks he should be as good as new.

Yesterday, after our visit to urgent care, we rode our bikes to Forest Hills, Queens. It was a fun ride through different neighborhoods, which is one of my favorite thing about bike riding in the city. We get to see places we might otherwise not get to see, and I think that’s great. There is always something surprising or interesting along the way.

The actual forest was great. We hiked with our hiking sticks/lightsabers and completely inappropriate footwear.


There were many things to climb on and jump from…


And then it was time to head home.


On the way home, we bought our boys the obligatory ice cream, especially for this one with his sad broken finger.


Two more days until school starts! (I hope I won’t cry. But I probably will.)