A Perfect Day

Yesterday was just that. A perfect day.

In the morning we bummed around at home, meaning Arthur had speech, I did five loads of laundry (at the laundromat across the street), scrubbed the tub, changed the sheets. Glamorous.

Then, after lunch, we were Coney Island bound. We started our day with ice cream and a cold brew on the boardwalk.


Then the boys and I spent the afternoon at the beach. We dug in the sand and splashed in the waves. The water is now bathwater warm. Julian read his new prized possession, the latest Narwhal book.


Then I became sleepy and thought, “What are the odds these kids would nap now?” And I just said, “Boys, let’s just cuddle for a minute.” And boom! It was divine. A nap by the ocean has always been my favorite.


Then we bummed around on the boardwalk with a big order of funnel cake, waiting for Papa to arrive. Also, the boys got to pick out new t-shirts. Once Jeff got there, we had dinner.


Here they are, in front of Nathan’s, with Nathan’s both in and on their bellies.

Next up, Go Karts. Totally my favorite.


Also, look at this face. The boys were pumped!


Then we hit more rides.


At 9:30pm it was time for fireworks. I think this was Arthur’s first time seeing fireworks (other than one time when he was a baby), and he was pretty impressed.


It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

What made this day even sweeter was watching my boys together. They are just each other’s best. So many times when I looked over at them, I saw random moments of kindness. Arthur would put his arm around Julian’s shoulders while they waited for me on the boardwalk. Julian always made sure Arthur was buckled into all the rides and helped him get in and out. The way they always look out for each other is second nature, and it makes me so happy.


Coney Island on Memorial Day

We had considered going to Governor’s Island with some friends of ours for Memorial Day, but changed our minds after hearing about the long lines getting on the ferry the day prior. Turns out Memorial Day is crazy everywhere! So we decided to go to the place where crowds are welcomed and expected: Coney Island.

I loved seeing everyone setting up for picnics and barbecues in Prospect Park in the morning as we were riding our bikes through the park and towards the ocean. We met our friends on the beach and let the kids play on the beach playground for a while before our picnic. And then we headed towards the water.

The boys ran in and out and screamed with pure delight. The water was cold! It was windy! They couldn’t have cared less. They laughed and ran and laughed some more…


…until I bought them Italian ices, after which they promptly fell asleep.

IMG_0954 IMG_0953

Arthur’s lips are still bright red from eating ice and cherries…IMG_0955

Here is our little group. All the kids were sleeping (Julian is under the towel). They slept for close to two hours. I took a little nap as well. It became increasingly windy as we were sitting there, and in the end we actually woke the boys up so we could finally do something other than sit in the wind with our sleeping children.


So we ate some funnel cake.


Even though the boys were heartbroken, we decided to skip waiting in line for the rides for all eternity. The crowds were insane. Instead we took our time riding home.

At night, as we were riding past Prospect Park again, the air was filled with smoke and smell of hamburgers and hot dogs. So naturally, we had hamburgers for dinner.