Memorial Day Weekend

Jeff has been busy at work, so a four day weekend was very welcome. Julian had school on Friday, but we took Arthur for a long bike ride on his red cruiser to Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoyed the good weather.

The other day I took both boys and promised them a lemonade at the little beer/hot dog place at Pier 1.


The closest thing to a lemonade was a Mexican Orange Crush – and oh wow, did I create a monster. This was the first soda the kids have ever tasted, and their minds were blown. Naturally, Arthur was begging for more when we were down there again on Friday.

We obliged, along with some hot dogs. Arthur experienced an Orange Crush sugar high – it was pretty funny.

I had friends in town visiting from Germany. Andy is one of my oldest friends in life and one of the few people I still connect with from my high school days. He and his wife Alex met us in Dumbo, and we strolled around. Arthur got to ride the carousel, and we all had whoopie pies from One Girl.

On Saturday, we met Andy and Alex for a day of bike riding in Brooklyn. We had a picnic in Prospect Park, played soccer and baseball and just hung out. It was so fun. The boys loved every minute of all the attention they were getting.

It was so lovely to have one of my best friends here and to see him play with my kids and get to know them. It was really special.


Despite a flat tire, we found our way to Brooklyn Crab for beers, crab legs, and ice cream.


Our friends gave the boys some new Legos. Have I mentioned that they are Star Wars and Lego obsessed? I probably have.

On Sunday we tried (again) to check out the big boats for Fleet Week in Red Hook, but the lines were ridiculously long. So we had brunch at one of our favorite spots, Alma, instead.


We rode around Red Hook, explored, played, ate cookies.


Sunday night I met Andy for dinner in the West Village. Dinner turned into many drinks, and somehow we stayed out until 3am. Which is so fun because I got to spend such a good chunk of time with my old friend and very not fun because I was obviously dead the next day.

We spent Monday being lazy at home. Julian was bummed that he didn’t have science that day (because no school), so we made a volcano and cleaned some pennies with vinegar. Success.


Later that night we met some of our friends at Dinosaur BBQ. We ate pounds of meat, and a good time was had by all. Especially by these little firecrackers.


P.S. Memorial Day 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Summer in the City

This weekend was a hot one in the city. So far we’ve had a very mild summer, but this weekend we finally had some higher temps and abundant sunshine. So naturally, we went to our favorite place on earth: Coney Island.

The boys were stoked to take the subway for a change, rather than the bikes.


Jeff’s parents drove up from Delaware and met us on the boardwalk. We ate Nathan’s…


Then we walked around and went on rides.

IMG_4861 IMG_4912

Ice cream was next.


Once we got home, we met up with Uncle Brian. The kids adore him times a million.


Because we hadn’t eaten enough, we went out for some BBQ. After that everyone was sufficiently stuffed and tired.

Today we rode our bikes into Manhattan. We took the boys to Hamilton Fish Park Pool on the Lower East Side. After the drama at Red Hook Pool last week, we were cautiously optimistic. At Red Hook, the boys deemed the water, and hence the entire experience, too cold and simply unacceptable. Today, however, was a good, hot day, and the water was lovely. The boys loved every minute of it. I got even more excited for the rest of our summer.

The pool is great, and huge. It has a very large area that is awesome for kids because the water is only 3 feet deep. Julian can stand in it. But it’s deep enough that parents aren’t freezing or wondering if they are standing in a puddle of chlorine flavored pee. So anyway, it was really fun.

Afterwards we rode our bikes to Washington Square Park, where some of us did this:


I swear, we are either raising some really easy-going, flexible kids – or homeless people. I just don’t know.

While Arthur napped, the rest of us ate sandwiches and drank lemonade.


Then we hit a playground. Julian thought he was hot stuff and discovered he could do this:


Afterwards we let the boys splash around in the fountain. Which I think has clean-ish water? Either way, they loved it. Until Julian said, “Mama, look! A nut!” And he started picking out walnuts out of the water and from the side of the fountain. Walnuts are the most dangerous nuts for Arthur. I threw them aside and wiped him off, as he had touched them, too. My heart started beating a little bit fast, but our guy was fine.


We had beers and ice cream near the Hudson next and then headed home. It was a lovely, sunny day.


A Break from City Life

Each year, since Julian was a few months old, we’ve spent a week upstate at our friends’ cabin by a lake. It’s always a wonderful break from our busy city life.

The boys just love everything about our little getaway: the car ride (a novelty!), different beds, and everything else about vacation. Playing outside, throwing rocks, going for boat rides, finding “friendly spiders”, picnics, and hamburgers fresh from the grill for dinner and s’mores for dessert. What’s not to love?

It was really peaceful and relaxing, which says a lot when going on vacation with your two and four year old. They didn’t break anything in our friends’ house (phewww) and were just content to play outside as much as they could.

IMG_4297 IMG_3970

One day we took them to a farm, and they each got to ride on a horse. Arthur, the braver of the two, went first.


It’s so lovely to see how the boys bring out the best in each other, sometimes. Last year Julian didn’t want to sit on the horse at all. This year he definitely wanted to, and enjoyed it. After all, if little brother can, so can he.

IMG_3906IMG_3969 IMG_3968

Everything upstate is so lush and beautiful. The weather was overcast/rainy on a couple of days, but we brought our rain boots and managed to get outside every day.

IMG_4104 IMG_4089 IMG_3854

Other than playing and having fun, we ate a lot. We barbecued every night. It was delicious.

IMG_3850 IMG_4146

I’m pretty sure we each gained 25 pounds.

IMG_4184 IMG_4019 IMG_3831 IMG_3966 IMG_3967

One day we drove to Bethel, the original site of Woodstock. We checked out the museum and the grounds.

It was kind of cool to run around on the fields where 400,000 hippies gathered together to listen to music and roll around in the mud.


Also, this happened:


But mostly we just hung out. There was a bit of poker…


…Twizzler eating on the deck wearing tiny hats…


,,,,lots of napping and lounging around…

IMG_3853 IMG_4014

…singing into nature’s microphones…


…and many, many boat rides…

IMG_3777IMG_4090 IMG_4281 IMG_4284

We’re so thankful to our friends who let us stay in this sweet cabin…


….and thankful for all the wonderful memories…