The New Year

We had a really lovely start to the New Year. At midnight, of course, we were all fast asleep. Arthur, in fact, was over the year 2016 by 5pm. I can’t blame him.


The next day we were invited to our friends’ house for brunch, which lasted 6 hours.

It was so much fun. And such a great way to spend the first day of the year with good people.


The boys played with their friends’ Octopod the entire time.


The adults just sat together and drank and ate. It was delightful.

After this party, we went on to the next: Chili eating at Uncle Brian’s house. As an added bonus, we got to take the new 2nd Avenue Q train! Oh, the excitement!


Seriously, when Julian’s teacher asked him what he did during the break, he said, “I watched  a lot of TV (!), and I rode the Q and W trains.” Sums up our winter break perfectly.

And today, finally, a tiny bit of snow! The boys were so stoked. In fact, we were late to school because they had to stop every 5 feet to scoop up whatever little bit of snow they could find. After we dropped Julian off, I took Arthur to the park. He loved it so much.


We played and rolled around, and he got to pet a few dogs, which are pretty much his favorite creatures.


Then we drank tea and ate muffins and played on the snowy playground.


This kid of mine. Man. At the New Year’s brunch one of my friends commented on how much Arthur’s speech has improved. Naturally, I broke down in tears. I worry about this boy endlessly; I guess that is my job. I know he is so smart, and so sweet, (and so wild) but I always worry about him feeling left out and not being able to really talk to the kids in his school, or them not understanding what he says.

Yesterday he came home with a picture he drew in school – a “map” from his school to our house. He’d signed his name in lower case letters, except the last ‘R,’ which still is running away on legs.


Anyway. My boy. One of my favorite creatures.


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