Only 11 more days…

December is kind of nuts. It’s like this for everyone, right? Everyone is sick and stressed. Christmas is pretty much a reward for making it to the end of the month. I mean, I think we’ll make it?

I’ve had a ridiculous cough for 10 days now. I am that person on the subway. The one that sounds contagious; the one no one wants to sit next to.

Also, many people act like major turds during the month of December. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, goddamnit! Here is just one example (I won’t talk about the lady who physically shoved me or the man who body-checked my 5 year old):

I’m one of the class parents in Julian’s school, and we were tasked with coordinating teacher gifts. We’re not allowed to actually give any gifts, as in buy anything, so we had to get crafty. We came up with this cupcake-face-flower. Sounds weird when you say it, but it looked cute.


We gave it to the teachers along with cookies, flowers, and wine. They loved it all. The other parents loved it. But there is always, right? The one who made my life hell. She was rude, insulting, infuriating. Her husband apologized profusely. And why? Because we had asked her to print out a photo of her child. That was just too much to ask. She actually said to me, “You know, some people have day jobs, right?” So that went over well, as you can imagine.

On to more important and adorable things: Julian was in his first school performance for their annual Winter Celebration. And I nearly died. He sang all his bits, I wiped away a few tears and cheered as loudly as I thought was acceptable, or maybe possibly a little louder. Unfortunately I took zero photos. So here is this guy and the mother who couldn’t be any more proud.


We went to see the Nutcracker with Julian’s entire Kindergarten class. Also, no pictures. But afterwards we braved the crowds and saw this big and shiny tree!


We went to a Christmas party for Arthur’s school, and I drank all the Glühwein. We were invited to an advent/birthday celebration at our friends’ house, and again: Glühwein.

We’ve been baking a lot…


And writing cards for teachers…


Arthur made friends with this dog, Butter.


He won’t stop taking about him and has decided that we will name the dog that we will never ever get Peanut Butter. So there. Arthur is pretty much the most loving creature I know. When he’s not whacking you over the head with something.

Also, these guys.


They are always together. Today after school they were walking next to each other, and they were both just bursting with stories about stuff that happened during the part of the day when they were not together.


Tonight I hurried the boys off to bed. I was tired. I still needed to make lunches, clean the kitchen, finish teacher gifts, eat 10-15 cookies, and drink some wine. After I did all of that, I popped my head into the boys’ room, and this.


Just reading some Octonauts. I said, “I forgot to say I love you and give you another hug.” Arthur looked up and said, “Danke, Mama. I forgot to say that too.”

We remembered, and that’s all that matters, right? Now on to more cookies. Santa, please hurry or there might be none left for you.

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