On Octonauts and other equally important stuff

I was just sitting here, over my “you’ve made it!” beer, listening to the boys in the tub – in character, of course. Can we talk about Octonauts for just one second? Oh. Man. It all started very innocently what feels like 35 years ago, when my friend said, “Oh! There is this show the boys might like! It’s called Octonauts.” Anyway, I was just sitting here and thinking to myself that oh, I have a headache, and my children are so loud. Except they are not my children; they are the Octonauts.

Fast forward to now. We’ve successfully and with most of our sanity intact made it through the following obsessions: trains, Star Wars, Superman and Wonder Woman, and now this. Somehow the boys have taken it to a new level.

When Arthur and I pick Julian up from school, right after he’s presented me with the latest math problems of the day, Julian will bend down, look at Arthur and say, “I’m Captain Barnacles. Are you Kwazii?”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, good for you. Try to keep it that way.

All day long, this is what I hear. Everything about the latest underwater problems. On the upside of things, when Arthur’s speech therapist brought an underwater sticker game to play with, Arthur proceeded to explain to her about sea kraits, hydrothermal vents, and coconut crabs. She was so intrigued that this woman of, let’s say, 25 perhaps? went home one day and watched an episode of Octonauts. Why anyone who has a free will would make such a decision, I don’t know.

The day this obsession dies will be a joyous one.


In other news, we don’t have lice yet. Although it seems all lice in Brooklyn are targeting the boys’ schools.

Also, why is December the busiest month of the year? We’re just hopping from thing to thing on the weekends. That said, I am oddly excited for the “Winter Celebration” at Julian’s school tomorrow, just because he’s been practicing the songs every day, and it’s adorable.

Despite being so busy, the Christmas spirit has hit us hard. We got a tree!


Julian has been sleeping like this:


The boys have been singing Christmas songs to no end, and we’ve watched a couple of Christmas shows. Rudolph, anyone?


Nikolaus came and brought some small toys and too much chocolate. Arthur was the snack child for school that day, and his ridiculous mother made these:


Tonight, I’m tired. Tired of hearing Christmas songs (it’s December 6…I need help), tired of Octonauts, tired of all the noise my children make, tired of not feeling 100%. But hey, tomorrow is a new day, and a new chance to learn something interesting about the ocean world and sea creatures have some fun.


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