Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was lovely. We took the train to Delaware on Thursday and stayed until Sunday night. We pretty much ate non-stop. My mother-in-law is an amazing cook, and although we tease her for her at times excessive use of butter (“Anyone want toast with their butter?”) – we were so thankful for all the delicious food she cooked. I mean…


And that was after she’d cooked a full Thanksgiving meal.

I know everyone talked endlessly about being anxious about political confrontations at the dinner table, and we were no different. But overall everything was very peaceful.


On Friday the cousins came to see us, and the entire family went to Longwood Gardens. It was beautiful and fun, and we stayed to see the Christmas lights after dark – after a hot chocolate/beer/wine break. Also, trains! Look at these boy cousins: Henry, Julian, Ben, and Arthur. Ben and Julian were born just 9 hours apart, and all four boys are May babies.


On Saturday we drove an hour to visit one of my dearest friends, who had recently moved from West Virginia to Pennsylvania. The kids picked up like no time had passed, and of course the adults did as well.


One of the biggest scares of my life, of course Arthur-related you won’t be surprised to hear, happened after we came back to our friends’ house from the playground. Arthur was riding Kate’s balance bike, no helmet because we didn’t have an extra one for him, and I could see in slow motion what was about to happen as he continued to speed down a not insignificant hill, at the bottom of which we had parked our car. Within seconds I had visions of him smashing into the car, the ambulance, busted face, head, whatnot.


We all started running after him, screaming, “ARTHUR!” Arthur’s bike started wobbling, and he crashed. Right into a very small, shallow pile of leaves. Right into the leaves. There was only cement around him, as well as the car, but he crashed into the leaves. He still had some scrapes and was screaming, mostly from fear I think, but oh man. I know he had someone watching over him that day.

The next day, Sunday, we went for a hike.


And then it was time to head home.

Now we’re back in our everyday lives, school, work, some of us are sick. It’s always the same, each winter…We basically are healthy for a brief moment in between months of sickness. Arthur has already been on the nebulizer several times, and everyone else is under the weather too, except for this mama here, because someone has to keep the family business running.

Overall, on Thanksgiving and on any day (or on most days, let’s not exaggerate too much), I am just so thankful for this crew. They keep me grounded, make me feel loved and fill my life with more joy and craziness than I could have hoped for.


P.S. Thanksgiving last year and two years ago.

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