Jules the Math Whiz

Last week we had our first proper parent-teacher conference since Julian started Kindergarten. It was adorable.

His two main teachers sat down with me and showed me the work books and explained to me how Julian is progressing. They said he does well across the board, plays well, is kind, and sometimes a bit quiet. One of his teachers, who has known him since he was 2, said he is almost unrecognizable and has come far from the stubborn toddler who wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want to do.

Also, they revealed to me that Julian is by far the best in his class in math. This, however, was not news to me, because Julian, who usually is very happy to share any and all details about his school day with me, tends to come home saying, “I always finish my math work first and correctly.” He’s not shy about his talents.

So now his teacher will work with him on personalized math sheets, and sometimes during “independent work time” Julian will create his own math sheets which his teacher will later check for him.

Last night, in bed, I overheard Julian and Arthur chatting. Julian said, “Arthur, what is 500 + 500? Arthur. Listen. Once you know what 5 + 5 is, you can figure this one out.”

We’re so happy that Julian is loving school, that he’s thriving and making friends and that he is having fun. I love that he plays outside every day and that he’s growing in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Also, Jeff and I are glad that he doesn’t seem to take after either of his parents as far as his math skills are concerned.

Most of all we’re happy that he hasn’t brought home any lice. Yet.


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