Stand for Love…

…because what else is there.

It’s been more difficult to live our everyday lives post election, much more difficult than expected. I still wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling of panic in my belly and that irrational wish that we could just turn back time to November 7 when I didn’t feel so much confusion, anger, and heartbreak.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve all heard so many terrible things that people have done to their neighbors all over the country. Us New Yorkers, I think we felt like we have lived in a bubble, but that bubble has burst. A woman was punched in the face at a restaurant a few blocks from our house. One of the boys’ favorite playgrounds was vandalized. Hate crimes have been reported all over the city.

But here is what’s also happened: people are coming together. I can see things moving beyond “liking” and lamenting on social media. Things are happening. Calls are being made. Petitions, walks, demonstrations, action.

My friends organized a beautiful gathering in Brooklyn Bridge Park last week, and we all joined together to “Stand for Love.”


We’ve walked for St. Martin with homemade lanterns and sang songs.


I’ve sat in a sunny coffee shop with my good friend and talked. I’ve had some wonderful and much needed time with Jeff, who’s been taking some vacation days. The kids have been in school, so we had time during the day alone together. Breakfasts, walks, museums, time. Mind blown. We’ve enjoyed nature and our beautiful city with the boys.


I’ve held my babies close. I’ve loved seeing and talking to our friends. Above all else, I feel more motivated than ever.


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