Halloween 2016

This year the boys made up their minds months ago about their costumes. Once they had decided on Wonder Woman and Superman, there was no going back.


Halloween was, of course, highly anticipated. Both boys got to show up to school in costume, so off we went on our Super Bike. I didn’t take any pictures of Wonder Woman and Superman on the bike, but we did give Arthur’s buddy a ride over from the big kids’ school to the pre-school, and that was cute. Batman and Superman!


After school Jeff and I took the boys trick or treating. Brooklyn Heights gets extremely busy on Halloween, but the older the boys get, the less overwhelming it becomes. Literally the first treat they got was an apple each, which was considered highly offensive and also unnecessarily heavy to carry around. (Unlike Halloween 2014 when I thought my children were broken when they chose to eat an apple over candy.)

One of the highlights was our house, which was so amazingly decorated by our friend Estela, who runs the flower shop, as Julian says, located “in our basement.”


It’s always so spooky and awesome. This year, in hot pursuit of the holy candy, Arthur even dared to step inside – something Julian has not been willing to do since The Big Scare of 2013 when he almost died when a “monster” jumped out at him from behind a flower pot. But we love Estela, our very favorite witch. Last year, she and Arthur matched!


Trick or treating was a success. We ran into a bunch of friends along the way, and we saw lots of great costumes and candy-happy faces. Uncle Brian came to meet us, too!

And we saw these incredible pumpkins:


Even the pumpkins are saying it. So vote, ok?

After we’d collected enough candy, we had dinner at the Mexican restaurant across the street.

What was for dessert? “Last Week with John Oliver” and a bucket full of candy. At what age do kids keep track and catch on to the fact that they are basically trick or treating so that their parents can eat their weight in snickers and m&ms? I hope we have some years left…


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