Bronx Zoo and other Shenanigans

There are several things I already miss about our long, lazy summer, and they are: no schedule! Day long fun outings! Bike rides forever.

But now that it officially feels like fall (someone please tell the mosquitoes; I want them all to die as soon as possible), we still use the bike every day, but not in a leisurely way. I take the boys to school every morning while blasting 80s Nena and singing from the top of our lungs. Oh, Nena. But it’s not the same as riding bikes all day all around the City.

Last week my friend Marte and I (and every other German in town) went to see Nena play at a concert venue in Manhattan. It was so much fun. I had pretty much no expectations, but oh man, Nena blew me away. It was such a heartfelt, sincere show and a really unique experience to be surrounded by so many happy Germans just having a good time.


We had sort of a lazy weekend with walks around the neighborhood, Bloody Marys at home and chess games.


On Saturday I was invited to brunch by someone I worked with when I first came to the US. It was so fun to see her and also my former boss, without whom I would never be here in the first place.


Ha, I’m tall.

Saturday night we invited our friends over for pizza and wine. There were five boys in our house, age 3 to 8, and everyone played so peacefully until pretty late. It was lovely and relaxing. I read somewhere about the “new dinner party” – in which you don’t spend a ton of time preparing, cooking, or cleaning but rather order in, maybe make a fresh salad, and that’s all. It was totally delightful.


Also, there was Reddi Wip.


Today through Wednesday Julian is off school. Arthur goes tomorrow. They both go on Thursday. I just look forward to a time when both children go to school for most days of the week at the same time. It’s time for some routine.

Today my friends and I took our five kids to the Bronx Zoo. It was such a gorgeous autumn day!


We loved seeing the animals, and the kids all had a blast.


I think we all loved the sea lions the most; they were hilarious. The boys loved them so much that they had to hug them in poster form.


Also, ice cream. I love how adoringly Julian is admiring his cone.


On the way home everyone fell asleep. Including mama.


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