A Slice of Life, with a Side of Lemonade

It’s been an all around good week and weekend, and I think we’re finding our groove with our new schedules. I won’t lie: it is hard to get the kids ready and out the door by 8:10am. It’s such a change of pace from the summer when we were just so lazy and stuck to no schedule whatsoever.

I take Julian to school on the bike every day, and it’s one of my favorite things, especially now that the air is nice and crisp in the mornings. We ride and chat and listen to music. And most importantly, Julian is so happy to go to school. He just loves loves loves it.


This week Arthur had a couple of playdates with kids who will also attend his pre-school come October. Their older siblings are in Julian’s class. It’s been sweet to watch Arthur come out of his shell a bit. His personality changes completely when he is without his older brother. He becomes quiet and shy and very attached, whereas he just runs around the playground with the other kids when Julian is around. Hopefully knowing a few kids will help Arthur feel more at ease once school starts.


For the sake of keeping it real: Some days I’m very ready for Arthur to start school. He will only go three days a week, but I really think it will be good for him to be away from me and around his peers for a bit. One morning this week, while trying to get my uncooperative kids out the door and staring at a mountain of laundry, I broke down in tears because I just felt so overwhelmed. When I came home and dumped the clean laundry on the bed, I found this note. 19 more days…I hope we make it.


This week Jeff and I went to curriculum night at school and learned all about what’s in store for the year. Also, we found this self portrait of Julian with lightsaber and donut shirt:


Afterwards Jeff and I had a date.

On Friday Julian has soccer until 5:30pm, so I have a very long day with Arthur without the entertainment that his brother provides. It gives me a glimpse of what it must be like to have just one kid. This Friday I made an effort to make it a fun day, and it turns out that it was one of the best.


We spent hours in Prospect Park, running around, playing ball, going on a hike.


Then we spent a couple of hours at a playground.


It was so lovely to spend this time with my boy. He is such a delight, so full of life and energy and laughter. On the way home, he fell asleep on the bike, so I let him nap on my lap in Cobble Hill Park.


This is the park I spent hours with a newborn baby Julian, meeting mom friends and figuring out life with a new baby. It brought back so many memories.

On Saturday we rode our bikes to the Upper East Side to see the German Parade (last year’s). We made it up in record time, 50 minutes or so, but would pay for it later when our legs were like pudding. The parade was fun! And made for some very candy-happy children.


To stick with the theme of treats and sweets, we had another lemonade stand today, just like back in July. Our street had a little festival, so we had some extra foot traffic. We upped our prices, since lemons ain’t cheap and neither is the cost of labor. No one complained, and we sold out pretty quickly. We had two very eager salesmen. And an all around good weekend!


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