Of Supermen, the Pool, and the City

What is happening? So much.

First of all: heat. It is so, so hot in the city right now.

What else? Survival, I guess. And some fun.

Oh, and Superman. The boys have decided to invest their lemonade stand earnings in some awesome cool Superman capes and shirts. This is their attire every day. I feel very protected wherever I go.


Here they are playing their favorite game during brunch on Saturday.


And here they are with Batman!


On Friday, our friends had invited us to visit them at their beach rental in Long Beach. Except the kids had so much fun hanging out in the pool that we never made it to the beach. And look who is learning how to swim?! And oh! It’s Barbie-Elsa’s butt.


We ate pizza poolside, relaxed, swam, and ate ice cream all day. It was pretty much perfect. (Yes, ice cream flavor was chocolate.)


On the way home, this:


Nothing like carrying a 45 pound child and a 27 pound beach bag (yes, I weighed it) from train to train.


We barely made our connection at Jamaica, but we totally did, and Julian and I high-fived each other once we were in our seats, just as Arthur woke up and asked, “When are we getting on the next train?” Go back to sleep, kid. I just carried you across Jamaica Station, thankyouverymuch.

On Saturday we took the boys to the Whitney. It was fun, and inspiring, and also kind of intense to have Arthur near so much meaningful artwork. We definitely needed a drink afterwards.

Yesterday the boys and I took a trip to Roosevelt Island with our friends.


It’s a magical place to the boys, mostly because of the tram and because the fun day we had there last year. Yesterday did not disappoint!


I hope these are the days the kids will remember one day. Days of hot summer fun, water, our city, friends, and ice cream. What else does one need?


Today we decided to take the kids to Central Park. They played at the Ancient Playground for a while, and we ate lunch at one of their picnic tables.


Then we walked around the park in bathing suits and “echoooooooo-ed” at every opportunity possible.


Next up: Alice in Wonderland and boats!


We’ve never rented the sailboats before, but we’ve watched them plenty. Today was the day! The wind was a bit slow, but the boys still loved it.

Afterwards we had lemonades and treats and beer for the mamas. We were all so hot and sticky.

But it was fun. Now I need a couple of days days to get stuff done. I need to get Arthur’s speech therapy sorted out for next year, return library books, keep my kids alive, and OH! … pack for our weeklong vacation in Avalon (2014 and 2105). Jersey Shore, here we come!

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