Victorian Gardens

Yesterday was another amazing day. So far the summer is everything I had hoped it would be – and then some. It’ll make the beginning of school even harder.

Julian, Arthur, and three of their friends (Mae, Lucy, and Eloise) took their moms to the kiddie amusement park at Wollman Rink in Central Park. There are the rides!


We made sure to hit each ride at least once.


I had to go on some of the rides with Arthur because he didn’t meet all the height requirements, despite Julian’s repeated measuring efforts.


Highlights were this airplane ride, even though Arthur cried in the beginning because he had to sit next to his boring mother.


Julian liked to give the ladies a ride. Lucy in the back is holding on for dear life.


When these adorable twins sat down in the back of the jumping frog, I reminded Julian to make sure to drive safely and to look out for the backseat passengers. He said, very seriously, “I will, mama.” But then, whatever, hands up!


Other highlights:

And then the moment when I promised the boys a ride on this carousel, after I’d seen their buddy, who is about Arthur’s height, ride it on her own. I am terrified of these carousels after losing a shoe on one once as a child. Also, too high and too spinny. Long story short, the height requirements were more strictly enforced in this round, so yay!


I almost died.

But not as close to death as we all came when we realized that we had probably most likely put some cash into Trump’s pockets by giving our children a day of fun at Wollman Rink.


It was so much fun. Next up: ice cream and popsicles!


Then we rallied and walked over to the boat pond. Because we knew they’d have beer. We had enough kids for a proper “kids table,” and they all played happily while we relaxed for a moment. In fact, Julian and Arthur are so into card games right now that they played cards with each other for the entire time we were there.

And then we were homeward bound! Nothing like riding a crowded crosstown bus with 5 children 5 and under…


…followed by an even more crowded subway ride.


The boys and I met Jeff at Pier 26 and played and had dinner.


We all tried to run against Olympic champion Allyson Felix. Needless to say she was much, much faster than any of us.


But if I can tackle anything in life with just half of the boys’ enthusiasm, success should be guaranteed. Also, sorry, lady! No high five for you. Ouch!

P.S. Victorian Gardens last year!

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