Wonder Wheel Wednesday

We had no agenda today, so we decided to make a day of it in Coney Island. The ride over was fun. The boys love trains so much. With Star Wars now and the recently discovered appeal of Superman and Wonder Woman, it’s nice to see that their first love is still alive.

Look at these nutcases.


We hit the aquarium first.


There was a sea lion show at 11am. It was so fun to watch this show with the boys! It was something they didn’t know existed, and Julian especially was so giddy and adorable. “He can do THAT with his nose?!” “He’s clapping!” (Also the guy in the back. Hi guy!)


And then the sealion danced to the boys’ favorite song (of last summer).


We looked at some more fish, while I tried not to lose the boys amongst the hundreds and hundreds of camp kids. Holy kids.

Then it was lunchtime, so naturally:


Also, Arthur and his favorite animal: the jellyfish.


Next up, of course!


First, we went on the Wonder Wheel. The boys love the swinging cars, but truthfully they kind of scare me. Julian and Arthur promised to hold my hand, but Julian didn’t follow through and seemed embarrassed/annoyed when I tried to hold on to him for support. Thanks, kid. This isn’t actually to help you. It’s for you to help me. But never mind. I know mothers can be embarrassing.


The boys went on all the rides. Next up: ice cream.


Then it was time to go. The boys asked to walk past the rides at Luna Park, just to see what’s there, you know. Of course they talked me into one more ride. And then we left for home!


The ride home was unspectacular. Other than, you know, ARTHUR PRESSING THE EMERGENCY BUTTON unbeknownst to me, and the train driver coming out of his train driver box (we were in the first car) to yell at us me. All the rage put Arthur to sleep immediately.


That’s the face of someone who is conflicted between really wanting to sleep and really loving his big brother who’s getting in his face very much.

What’s on the menu for tonight? Frozen margaritas and chips & salsa. And an early bedtime.

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