Slow Summer Days

These days everything is slow. We walk slow. I think slow. We don’t plan much.

Actually, let me rephrase. The boys recently discovered Superman and Wonder Woman, so they run everywhere we go with fists outstretched over their heads because they are “flying.” Why anyone would run in this summer heat beats me. So I just trail behind. Maybe it’s just me who is slow.

Most days we don’t do much. We do lots of art and coloring, stickers and playdoh. We read.  We play Uno, Go Fish!, Jenga, and – recently! – chess.


We build legos. I listen to the boys play. We run errands. Occasionally we hit the pool. The boys ride their bikes. We play soccer. They play at our neighborhood playground every day.

We’ve been to dozens of playgrounds in NYC, some with fancy water features or magnificent slides, but my favorite will forever be the one that is closest to us: Pierrepont. It’s right by the Promenade, and you can watch ferries and boats when you’re standing at the right spot on the play structure. The playground is surrounded by tall trees offering shade. Both of my boys have learned to walk there. They took their first swing there and have learned how to fight their own battles there. I always meet a familiar, friendly face.

That said, a familiar, friendly face from this playground invited us today to venture out and play at a different playground. So we met at Union Square this morning and let our boys play. After our friends had left we stayed for a while longer and then went to Whole Foods to pick up some lunch. Then we ate under the trees in the shade. Next up for the highlight of the boys’ day: a trip to DSW shoe store. I mean, I think their minds exploded! So many shoes! But more importantly: so many mirrors! They just ran up and down the isles and had a blast. And I let them. Thankfully no one called me out.


This afternoon, after playing at Pierrepont…wait…how many water balloons did I make today? Anyway. Julian got a hair cut. He is now officially 15.


Long story short, I am enjoying our slow days. I guess it’s what summer is all about. Part of it is that we keep our weekends busy, usually, with bike rides and adventures. Also, I want my kids to know what it’s like to be bored. I am not an entertainer. They don’t need to be doing something all the time. Their minds and imaginations are enough.

That said, my friend inspired me to venture out just a bit. I’m thinking about a trip to  the aquarium in Coney Island tomorrow, complete with hot dogs for lunch and maybe a ride or two. Maybe.

Who am I kidding. Rides. All the rides.


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