Of Lemonade and Lobster

This week and weekend have been both fun and kind of trying. We’ve managed to do plenty of fun stuff, but the good times were intermixed with some challenging behavior, brotherly arguments, and motherly headaches. Oh, life.


I had a babysitter two mornings this week, which was nice. She takes the boys to play soccer at the park or to the playground. Her name is Hope, and the boys call her “A New Hope,” naturally. I just went to doctors’ appointments, but it was still nice to get out by myself and not have to drag the boys from appointment to appointment.

Also, in other adult-life news, I went out with friends twice this week (!). That never happens. Hey, look how happy and kid-free we are!


We also hit the pop-up pool again. The kids love it so much, and who can say no to jumping into a pool in this heat?! This guys can’t.


This weekend the boys did their very first lemonade stand. That means, of course, that we I squeezed 40 lemons on Friday and also baked 40 cookies. The boys were so excited. They wrote on the signs, practiced how to count money and hand out change and how to be a polite and friendly salesman.


It was a blast. We sold 100+ cups of lemonade/cookies. The kids actually made some money, after subtracting what change we started out with and what we spent on the lemons. Everyone in the neighborhood was so friendly and sweet. It was really adorable and made my heart so happy. In times where you read almost only bad news every day, it’s refreshing to have such simple pleasures that make you feel not all is lost.

Afterwards we went to a quick brunch to a restaurant on our street, where Arthur took a nap mid waffle. Selling lemonade is exhausting.


Then we hurried home and tried to make our place presentable because our friends were coming over with live lobsters and a bunch of other delicious food. Michael, a who is a chef, took over our kitchen and cooked for us. It was such a treat!

Dinner was delicious. At one point one of my kids said, “Mama, if I eat another piece of lobster, can I have more mussels?” First world problems, kid.

Today we rode our bikes to Prospect Park. The boys played at a playground, and then we played soccer on the grass and had a picnic.


Ever since the Euro Cup both boys have been obsessed with soccer, and Julian pretends to be a goalie Manuel Neuer the rest of the time, meaning when he’s not someone from Star Wars.

After we all played together, Julian went over to a bunch of 9 year old boys and asked to join their soccer game. Arthur followed suit. I am so impressed by Julian’s ability to make friends. Kids are so cool in how they don’t see what we see and how they don’t yet have the same fears of rejection.

Later on at Lakeside it was the same. Julian just played and played with a bunch of boys he’d never met before. For hours. He only came to join us when I lured him in with ice cream.

Then everyone crashed.


Tonight we’re eating more seafood, shrimp and leftover lobster, and I’m already hungry writing about it. And then we’re off into another week with good intentions. More patience, more joy, less fighting. Per usual.

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