Stepping Up


Today was a big day. It was Julian’s last day at his pre-school. Since he was 2 years old, Julian has been attending a small German Montessori school for a few days a week. Well, the first year it was really only a few hours for two days a week.

Here are the boys on the first day of school last year. They’ve grown!


And just for kicks, little baby Jules on his very first day of pre-school in 2013:

On The Stoop

Julian has grown so much over the last three years. He’s come home with stories and songs, some heartache, and new friendships. He’s learned to become comfortable in his own skin and was also secure enough to try things that scared him at first. Today was the perfect example. All the kids who were graduating pre-school jumped off a little stool – jumping into their new life, their new adventures. It was symbolic, mostly for us parents. Julian, of course, true to his nature, did not want to jump.

We talked about it at home, and I told him that he doesn’t have to do it if he truly doesn’t want to, but that it would mean a lot to me. He said he would do it if Arthur or his teacher held his hand. I said, “Kid, you got yourself a deal.”


My face was this. The entire time.


I was totally sobbing. I knew it would happen, but I really tried to tell myself to keep it together. I did not succeed.


It was the end of an era. The end of toddler-hood. The end of spending full days at home with me. Next will be Kindergarten, all day, every day. I will truly miss having Julian around. But I know he is ready, and we are excited. His new school will be amazing for him; I know it already.

But this pre-school was special. It was small and loving, and Julian had teachers who truly knew him and gave him the freedom to be who he is, while still challenging him to keep growing and exploring. Julian planted, painted, danced, sang, and learned, while never feeling like he was studying. He was just playing. Just as it should be.

I need to stop now. I’m getting teary-eyed again. Good thing we have two more years at this school with Arthur, starting in September.

After the big leap some of my friends and I took our kids out for ice cream.


The choices!


Out of these five kids, the three oldest will continue on together to Kindergarten at the new German school here in Brooklyn, while the two littles will go to the German pre-school together. What a lovely community we have. We are so lucky.


Tomorrow we will return to the pre-school for an ice cream party (yes! more ice cream!), and then we are truly off for the summer. We look forward to spending all of our time in our bathing suits.


P.S. Back to School 2014 and Back to School 2015

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