If there is one thing that everyone needs and can’t do without, it’s sleep. Well that and food. But we get plenty of food, so I will focus on sleep.

Julian is such a great sleeper; it never occurred to me that Arthur wouldn’t be. He had a good run, sometime between one and two years of age (I think?) but now it’s awful, and has been for a while. If I get one good night of sleep in a month, then that’s considered a good month. Usually Arthur wakes me up an average of three to four times every damn night. My sleep is so light that I can hear him as soon as he opens our door. He comes to my side of the bed and says, “Mama? Mama?” 9 out for 10 times he needs cream on his itchy eczema skin. Other times he needs to go potty or ask for a cuddle. (Spoiler alert: He doesn’t need any of these things.)

Almost always I will apply cream or take him to the bathroom, and he will go back to his bed. Until two hours later when I see him again with another request. Occasionally he will sneak in bed with me and I don’t even realize he is there. Sometimes I fall asleep next to him in his bed on the rare occasions that I walk him back to his room.

Oh man. This is really boring for anyone other than me. Actually, it bores me, too. But I am so tired. I wake up exhausted. I haven’t slept in months years. We’ve tried rewards, sticker charts, taking things away, getting angry, being super mellow at bedtime, a good nap, no nap at all, threats, love, you name it. Nothing works. Will he outgrow it? Omg I hope so. One would think that a 3 year old could stay in his bed all night. At least that is my expectation.

Right now I’m looking at another week of solo parenting while my husband is frolicking working in the South of France. My one and only goal for this week is for Arthur (and me) to sleep. I need us to sleep. I am no good if I don’t sleep. I’d like to take the boys on bike rides and laugh and be in a good mood and not wake up with big bags under my eyes. I’m just so much less good in my everyday life if I’m tired. I try to explain to the boys that a lack of sleep isn’t healthy for our bodies, but also that it makes me so very grumpy. I guess they don’t care.

Anyway, very rarely do we get this. At 8:23pm. Hoping for a repeat tonight.


Regardless of all this sleepy-talk, we had a nice send-off for Jeff today. We all went out to lunch together to a restaurant on our street, and it was one of those occasions where the boys were well behaved, the food was delicious, and the mood was good all around. It was also the day we explained to Julian what “flirting” meant because it is what he was doing with our lovely Irish waitress.


We will miss Jeff this week; Julian was weepy already right after his Papa left. It’s especially sad because we will miss Father’s Day with him!

He’s a good Papa. The best.


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