After a week in the Midwest, Jeff is finally home. It was kind of sad not having him here this week, especially since he left just a day after my Dad did. That, combined with Arthur being sick and the children behaving so-so…well, he’s home now, and we are happy.

Last week I didn’t get to hang out with any friends until Friday afternoon, when my friend met us at Brooklyn Crab for cold beers, shrimp, and hot dogs. It was a lovely end to an otherwise forgettable week. One highlight: I took Arthur to the zoo on Thursday, and it was sunny and lovely. He pretended to be Han Solo frozen in carbonite.


I try to do something nice with Arthur every week. Nothing special, just some quality time spent together. I don’t know why, but I am really really enjoying Arthur right now – possibly because he can be so particularly trying at times. Of course, I can’t tell Julian about fun outings to the zoo, because he would (and has) burst into tears.

Anyway, Brooklyn Crab. It was lovely.


After the Crab we rode the bike around in the cool evening air and stopped for ice cream at Pier 5.


Being on the bike right now is my favorite thing. Everyone is always content, we’re singing our hearts out to Prince, the boys talk to each other and to me, and we get to have the wind in our faces.

Anyway. I’m so lucky to have such lovely people around. I was really reminded of that this weekend.

We spent Saturday afternoon at our friends’ house down the street, where a bunch of kids ran wild and feasted on pizza. On Sunday we met with more friends for playtime; then I took the boys to Pier 6 for lunch and more, you guessed it, play, before heading to a birthday party at a cute little community garden near the Columbia waterfront.

It’s been so fun to watch the boys play, to see how independent they’ve become, and to watch them interact with friends. And it is beyond wonderful for me to have this community of nice parents, who have become friends. Who would have known that I would be able to watch my children play with their little German friends (and their little American friends, too), attend a German school, and grow up with a mix of traditions and languages – what a blessing. I am so happy I ended up where I did.

Today I took Julian for his 5 year check up. I glanced over at the baby scale and reminisced about the many times when I would place my 100th percentile blob of a baby on the scale. It seems like yesterday. I can remember it so clearly. Now, at 5, Julian is 80th percentile for height and weight, he has 20/20 vision (no thanks to me, I’m sure), he eats his vegetables, sleeps well, and I really had nothing to report to his inquisitive doctor. (Arthur’s appointment is on Thursday, so I might possibly have more to talk about at that time.)


Afterwards we sat on our stoop with lollipops.


I know our stoop is like hundreds in New York. Our street isn’t a peaceful side street; it gets quite busy, and that is why we chose it. What we didn’t know is how much we would grow to love living here. I love sitting on our stoop, chatting with our neighbors, watching the people walking by, the boys climbing and playing and resting in the sunshine. Nothing extraordinary happened today, but I sat there and felt so thankful for having a lovely neighbor to chat with, for having found our little perfect spot in the world, and for really feeling at home.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Frauke, I have been reading your blog for a while (don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it) and I just have to tell you that I love your writing! You’re very funny and smart and most of all incredibly honest about the ups and downs of motherhood and life in general – and I am not even a mother (yet) myself. I feel like it’s the perfect mix of an American positive, relaxed and life-affirming attitude and a down-to-earth European “realness” that lets go of an overwhelming need of perfection in everything and lets you show how things are actually going as opposed to how they ideally should be going. I really appreciate it! Love from Berlin, Kristina

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