The Boys’ Birthday Party

It’s been a really long but also a really short week, in a sense.

On Wednesday (May 4th – May the Force be with you!) , the day Julian turned five, Julian got pancakes for breakfast, a green lightsaber, some Star Wars toys, and a space set.


He requested a trip to the Manhattan Children’s Museum and pesto for dinner, so naturally that is exactly what we did. It was a lovely day with the boys, very happy and peaceful and fun-filled. Hey, it’s Luke and Han on a Tauntaun!


On Saturday morning my three-year-old birthday boy jumped into my bed, and all of a sudden I didn’t really have a baby anymore. The birthday boy blew out his 3 candles on top of pancakes after he sang Happy Birthday to himself, along with the rest of us.


Arthur got to open his presents (actually, presents came first, then coffee, then pancakes, because who are we kidding). He received a much wished for blue lightsaber, along with a big Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, some more Star Wars stuff, walkie talkies, and a hamburger and taco play food set. All were big hits.

After breakfast we took the boys for a walk and some lightsaber fights on the promenade and playground.


Then it was time to prep for the party!


Arthur requested a chocolate cake, and Julian a blueberry cake. What you can’t really tell  from the pictures is that these are three layers each and looked like tiny towers topped with sprinkles. We ate them all week, and they were delicious.

I didn’t take many pictures during the party because I was busy wrangling cake-eating children and making sure everyone was happy. The boys had invited six of their best (girl)friends; it was a cute group of kids. They ate cake, played, and did some arts & crafts. Towards the end there were some German party games (Topfschlagen!) and freeze dance.

Everyone was happy, especially the birthday boys. Jeff took some pictures of the birthday fun:


We ended the night by playing Twister until 10pm with the boys, hoping they would sleep in the next day after so much fun and so little sleep – but obviously that didn’t happen.


The nest day Opa arrived from Germany, so that will be round 2 of my blog catch-up…

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