Opa’s in town! (Alt. title: We ate a lot.)

Well, actually, he was in town, and I am playing catch-up.

My Dad arrived on Sunday around noon and stayed until Sunday evening of the following week. We packed a lot into the week, but also had plenty of time to be lazy (and read Star Wars books).


Highlights included our day together on Monday. Julian was at school, but Arthur, my Dad and I took a leisurely stroll into Carroll Gardens. Arthur played at the playground, and we all had a lovely and delicious lunch outside at Frankies. It’s been so nice to see my youngest and my Papa develop more of bond.

On Wednesday, we went on a bike ride to Prospect Park. My Dad, at 70, rented a bike from his hotel, and when we arrived at the park, he said, “That was it?” He is in such good shape.


It was such a beautiful day. The boys played and made friends with random kids. We ate lunch at Lakeside.


Then we played ball and took naps on a blanket in the shade.


Ice cream at Ample Hills, along with a crazy confrontation between my dad and a random guy on the street (“I will kill you!” – a lady called the cops on the crazy guy) completed our day. We ate dinner outside on our street. How cute are these two?!


The next day, Arthur and I took my Dad to lunch at Juliana’s – very good pizza place here in Brooklyn. Now that I think of it, this is basically a report of what we ate when, but that is my life, and I’m not complaining. Cheers to that.


Additional highlight: a lovely day wth my Papa in Manhattan on Saturday. An extended, you guessed it, lunch, along with some shopping and wandering around. Without pesky kids demanding things.


On Sunday then, our last day together, we started the day with a waffle breakfast at home. Because, food.


Then we wanted to take the bikes to Brooklyn Bridge Park to fly kites and then to Brooklyn Crab for lunch, which is pretty much what happened. Except: we got caught in a hail storm (in May?!), and Jeff got a flat tire just as we arrived in Red Hook.


So after lunch at our favorite spot, Jeff went to get the bike fixed – while we sat around and watched Arthur sleep.


Then we killed some time at Fairway (aka as we ate cookies and sat on shelves)…


… and then the bike was fixed!


I think my favorite parts of this visit were that my Dad got to see a new side of Brooklyn, that he was able to ride bikes with us, and that the boys are getting older and will be able to remember more.

We also had many trying times with my challenging children, some moments of embarrassment, helplessness, and frustration – but it’s always like this when the kids sense something other than their normal routine is happening, and also when someone as special as Opa is coming to visit. It is what it is. We packed a lot of fun into the week, a lot of food, and lots of quality time with Opa. Until next time!

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