Our Day at the Botanic Gardens

We live so close to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, really just a short bike ride away, and yet I somehow manage to miss the much anticipated and celebrated cherry blossoms almost every year. This year I was determined to see them!

Julian is on spring break this week, so we’ve had more time to just be and less sticking to schedules…This morning, after Arthur’s speech therapy, we headed out. I packed a lunch and many snacks, because somehow my children are always hungry and begging for food.

When we arrived, Arthur was sound asleep on the bike. It was 11:30am. The line of people trying to get in was endlessly long. But! I remembered my fancy NYC ID card, and I got myself a free membership to the BBG without having to stand in line. Success!

We headed towards the cherry blossoms. They were gorgeous. Look, children, how beautiful! I took you here on the bike so we could enjoy this!

Children were grumpy. Julian was wearing his hood, hands in pockets; he was cold. Arthur was tired, also known as “Mama, please carry me.”


So, I decided we needed lunch first in order to function. I emphasized how their sandwiches and big bowls of fruit were giving their bodies energy. Because….right?!

It kind of worked.


But then!


We started wandering. And once I got over the cherry blossoms and adjusted my expectations (but also took a few moments to just look around and feel at peace and forget about my children, because nature is beautiful! Even cultivated nature in the Botanic Gardens) – everything was fine.

We found rocks to climb on.


There were sticks to play with, many many sticks. And then we found the kids discovery area. Naturally, Julian and Arthur pretended that everything related to Star Wars (“Don’t fall in the lava!” “This nest looks just like the Millennium Falcon! This is the gun bay.”). But within their imaginary world we did lots of exploring. We saw fruit trees, smelled flowers and herbs, and did some of this…


We did a big loop around the gardens. The boys walked a lot. We spent a lot of time watching the fish and turtles at the Japanese Gardens. And then it was time to head home. But not before we had some of this:


(It looks like they are excited to be eating ice cream. In reality, they just saw a boy wearing a Darth Vader sweater.)

And then we rode home. Julian fell asleep on the bike, and I carried him upstairs. A week before he turns 5, it was a sweet reminder that he is still my little boy.


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