One for the Books

It’s been a good great past few days. On Friday we met with friends at our local playground, and we ended up staying for four hours. We stayed through lunch and past nap time, and I have no idea what we even did. Some of this:


Julian mastered the monkey bars. And the boys just played and played. I read the paper and chatted with other parents. But I was also really hungry, because I’d only brought some post-gym snacks for myself, whereas the boys of course had a full lunch. Also, I was in my workout clothes for much longer than I would have liked. But sometimes it’s just fun to do what you want in that moment, and we just wanted to be outside.

On Saturday I took the boys to Prospect Park. We brought bagels with cream cheese and lox (their favorite), and they played at the playground for a long time. My favorite is how they are almost always together, giggling and laughing, but also seeing how they make friends with other kids.


I’m so happy to be adventuring on our bike once again. Yay for spring! After the playground we went to a little nature area. The boys always love playing and exploring there. Arthur wore his fancy taco shirt!


After some bubble blowing and lollipops we decided it was time for ice cream. The boys ate their chocolate with sprinkles cones, and I inhaled my coffee. Then Arthur sat on my lap, and two seconds later, this:


Saturday night the kids got to stay up late, and we all waited anxiously for Jeff to walk through the door. There was Prosecco and Thai food and some very excited boys who were ecstatic to finally have their Papa back home. Me too.

On Sunday we took the bikes to Battery Park City and had a fun day there.


Sunday night was the 8th anniversary of Jeff’s and my very first date, so we went back to the restaurant where we first dined together all those years ago, as we try to do every year. It was a delightful, lovely dinner.

And today, on Monday, (Jeff’s and my 5th wedding anniversary!) Julian got to stay home from school, and Jeff took the day off. We took the bikes to Central Park.


It was a fantastic day playing out in the sun, picnicking, drinking beers and lemonade.


It was the best way to celebrate our anniversary weekend. And now we eat leftovers and rest our tired legs.

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