Day what of 13?

Who cares. Jeff is coming home Saturday night. I don’t know how people do things on their own. Actually, correction: I know how to do things well on my own. But I miss my husband’s company! I don’t really miss the help around the house, but I miss his face at the breakfast table in the mornings and telling each other stories about our days at night. I miss him rubbing my feet while watching a silly show on TV, and most of all I miss hearing my boys’ excitement when he walks through the door each night.

Overall it’s been a good two weeks. I really can’t complain much, except about the fact that I have not slept well for ONE SINGLE NIGHT. I don’t know what it is, but each night there is a new drama. Arthur falls out of his bed (never happens), Julian has a bad dream (never happens), Arthur comes to me to apply cream on his eczema and because “mama, can I cuddle” (happens all the damn time).


We’ve had a visit from Uncle Brian, but the boys were so out of control and over-the-top excited to see their Uncle that it was actually kind of stressful. I totally burned my arm while trying to bake pizza for everyone.


I was harassed by a stranger for letting my kids run down the sidewalk, and he informed me that I must “not care about my kids at all.” So…I don’t even know where to start. These guys! They are pretending to be trains.


They use The Force on each other:


Oh! Yes! That’s my children wearing NO JACKETS outside! Amazing, right? I guess it’s finally spring. That is to say, I am super excited. And also either over-dressed or under-dressed.

This morning I took Julian to school on the bike. It was actually kind of chilly, and when we had almost arrived at our destination, Julian informed me that he was no longer cold. He was frozen. Whatever, kid. Winter jackets are gone until next year.

Arthur and I went for a ride…


…and played at the playground.


Everyone commented on how cute my little daughter looks. I think it was the scarf that I let him borrow, because usually he can get away with his hair and leggings just fine.

Then we went for bagels and chicken noodle soup at the diner. Just me and Arthur. We sat next to each other in a booth and talked about his upcoming birthday. Holy 3!

After school we ran errands, which also included this most important of errands:


The one really good thing that happened in Jeff’s absence is that I have been reading, reading, reading. At night I can’t wait to sit down with my book. And that’s partly because I really like my book, but also because I am done watching House of Cards and Game of Thrones hasn’t started yet…

4 thoughts on “Day what of 13?

  1. Hello,
    I recall earlier in your blog, you mentioned one of the kids having a nut allergy. I’m wondering if he grew out of it? My own son has peanut/tree nut allergies, and I’m always curious about how others handle/treat it…


    • Hi Sam, yes, my younger son has some allergies. When he was 1 he tested positive for all tree nuts, and we avoided peanut until it turned out at a food challenge that he was fine with peanut. Since then he’s been re-tested one more time, at 2, and since then he’s been fine to have hazelnut, almonds, and pine nuts. So right now all we avoid is walnuts and sesame. He tested very high for both. So while I do carry epi pens wherever we go, I’ve never been super anxious about it. He knows what he’s allergic to, his brother is also very vigilant, and the school where he will go to in September is nut-free and will also be sesame-free for Arthur. So I think we’re lucky! How old is your son? I hope he will outgrow his allergies as well.

      • Mine is 6, so unfortunately it doesn’t seem like he’s growing out of them! He had eczema as an infant and started having mild asthma when he turned 3 as well.

        That’s great that yours isn’t allergic to peanut as it seems to be the worst and most prevalent one! Are you concerned with cross-contamination in baked goods/ice-cream, etc, or has that been ok so far?


      • Oh, bummer. Yes, Arthur has both eczema and asthma too, although the asthma seems to have mostly gone away. I don’t worry about cc too much, although in the beginning of course I did. I only get nervous when I see walnuts around, or today when a lady next to us on the park bench opened up 3 different containers with mixed nuts (no joke) and let her 2 year old run around with them.

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