Day 1 of 13

What’s new? Not a whole lot.

I enjoyed my one day of spring-like/almost summer weather on Friday by sitting in my friend’s yard, drinking wine and watching our boys play. It was so lovely.


Then I dropped my boys off at home with their Papa, who had ordered pizza and had thus made himself the most popular Papa in all of Brooklyn – before heading out to meet up with Julian’s pre-school parents at a German bar for beer and sausages.

On Saturday we drove to New Jersey for our niece’s 7th birthday party. The boys loved all the Star Wars toys their cousins have. They are busy making wish lists for their own birthdays.

Also, outdoor space with giant motorized toys!


The party was at a trampoline park. It was soooo much fun. I don’t know why I was the only adult jumping, but everyone else seriously missed out. This, however, is my favorite:

What better way to get to your crying kid than to hop right over?!

We got back late Saturday night and had high hopes for Sunday, Jeff’s last day home for two weeks. But of course he ended up sick in bed all day. Total bummer for everyone.

So now we’re hanging out in boxes…


…and are counting down the days until he returns.


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