Bruce and boys

The week was off to an amazing (and incredibly tiring) start. Jeff and I scored (nosebleed) Bruce Springsteen tickets to see him at Madison Square Garden! It was a make-up show for the one he cancelled due to a snow storm in the winter. It was Jeff’s and my 5th show together – and probably my 15th? I’ve stopped counting.


Did I mention we had nosebleed seats?


There was literally no one behind us. There were people in upper sections above us, but this was definitely the farthest I’ve ever been away from The Boss. Definitely a far cry from this. BUT: It was amazing. The thing with Bruce is that it doesn’t matter how far away you are or how much your tickets cost – it’s worth your while. Bruce is pretty much the only religion I will ever commit to, and I could go on and on and on about him (and I did in 176 pages in my college thesis), but suffice to say that I felt all the feels. Love, joy, fear, sadness, and more joy. In three hours of bliss. The show was amazing. (We’re going to see him again in a few weeks at Barclay’s Center.)

We came home at 1am. Our babysitter had her coat on – hint hint.

I’ve been tired – and happy – ever since.

Other than that we’ve been doing normal stuff. Yesterday Julian had a playdate with his friend Shirine after school, so I didn’t see him until 5:45pm when I went to pick him up. And I missed him. Arthur did, too. But he and I had a great day. Arthur is literally the funniest person I know. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for him. He has imagination beyond anything I’ve ever seen and a free spirit that makes him put on two different shoes (socks, too)…


After Julian’s playdate I took the boys out on a pizza date. They were good – and adorable.

Today, after speech therapy, we went into Manhattan. I wanted to get prescription sunglasses. The saleslady commented on how well behaved the boys were. What she didn’t know (actually, she did, because I told her), was that they were occupied with their sandwiches, and also I had scolded them so hard before we left because they were being horrible.

Anyway. After I picked out new glasses, we bought a donut.


Then we took some photos…

…and played at a playground.

We skipped nap time, and I paid for it hard. Arthur has been a mess all afternoon. He fell asleep while I read the boys a book, and then again wrapped in his towel after bath. He won’t go to bed at night if he naps, but when he doesn’t, we all suffer.


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