The Return of the Papa, and Easter

So my week flying solo came and went. We’re bracing ourselves for two weeks without Papa in about a week. We miss him when he’s gone!

But we had an overall good week. We saw some friends…


…we played some music…


…we did this:


On Thursday Arthur and I accompanied Julian and his school friends on a field trip to the Botanic Gardens. It was so sweet to see all the kids together. Afterwards Arthur and I headed to Prospect Park on my bike and spent some time on a playground.


Then Arthur fell asleep on the bike and we cuddled and napped together on a park bench for almost an hour, under a blanket, trying to stay warm. Arthur was so, so sweet.


Julian’s been drawing something other than subways, and that’s so fun to see.


Today was Easter, and also Jeff’s first day back home, but somehow his return was overshadowed by the visit of the Easter Bunny, who – to Julian and Arthur’s shock and surprise – knows Star Wars!


The boys played all morning with their new Star Wars lego figures. We ate our weight in chocolate and jelly beans and hunted for eggs in our apartment. Then we ate some more: #bunnyfail


We played at a playground and went for a long walk down to Brooklyn Bridge Park.


I mean, look at that cheek dimple!


Then we went to an overpriced prix fixe brunch and ate our way right through nap time. On the way home a lady on the subway asked Arthur what his name was, and he said, “I’m Darth Vader.”


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