Julian at almost 5

I could fill pages and pages about Arthur and how he is stretching me to my limits, how he screams when he doesn’t get his way and slams his fist on the couch, saying “I’m SO mad!”

But what I really want to write about is the other kid, Julian. The one who doesn’t scream in my face. The one who looks like such a big kid theses days. Sometimes when I watch him when he isn’t looking my heart breaks just a little. Why is he so big?

Lately, the boys have been obsessed with this song. And by obsessed, I mean obsessed. Julian knew all the words after a few days…

It has a bad word in it, holy sh*t, and after he’d said it once (in the middle of a busy diner!) I corrected him and said it says “holy ship.” As in spaceship. Makes sense? Except the song has subtitles, and Julian informed me the next day that “Mama, it says sh*t. With a ‘t’.”

Anyway. Julian is into Star Wars and lightsaber fights and less into trains. Although it’s still impossible to hold a conversation with him on the subway because he pays such close attention and says all the announcements out loud.

He is kind to his brother and a good friend. He is so well liked in his school, and it warms my heart.

And at almost 5, he is what I would call reasonable. As in he understand what I tell him and accepts things for what they are, for the most part. There is very little whining, if any. Usually he just says, “Ok, Mama.”

He’s inquisitive. How do things work and why are they the way they are? I’m always relieved when I can answer correctly.

He puts up with an enormous amount of ship from his little brother. Lots of screaming and being annoying and lots and lots of loud singing and talking until way past bedtime until Julian just falls asleep – while Arthur chatters on. But as much as they fight at times (although that actually happens rarely), they are solid gold to one another. And that’s more than I could have ever hoped for.

Julian has a job now every day. He empties the dishwasher, and he is very diligent about it. He earns a quarter every day, and so far he has saved $6. He might be saving for a toy or candy – depending on the mood he’s in.

Overall, he is just so much more easygoing than I had anticipated he would ever be. He’s excited about starting Kindergarten in the fall. I spoke to his teacher the other day, and the words she used to describe him were “less serious, more flexible, well-liked, happy.” And “very strong, smart, and academic.”

He’s really into drawing and arts & crafts. He loves his Star Wars workbooks and surprises us with his math, writing, and reading skills. He loves playing restaurant and singing.

I enjoy spending time with him almost all the time. I never feel like I need a break from him anymore, and I truly look forward to having all summer to spend together.

And best of all, he’s not too old to give me all the kisses and hugs and cuddles. Almost 5 year olds are quite lovely.


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