This weekend – and week – would be filed under “eh” or, at times, under “OMGWHY.”

First of all, weather, why are you still so cold. We’re done with snow and cold, please warm up, thank you.

Secondly, Arthur’s cold. Which can either be traced back to our sucky weather and germs in general or to his obsession with pushing all the subway elevator buttons as many times as possible, which also means: germs germs germs. Result:


Why does he look so tiny and miserable? Because he is. We’d been avoiding the nebulizer all winter, but now that spring is two weeks away, here we go. Yay, steroids. They have such an insane effect on Arthur. (He was actually feeling pretty badass after I pointed out that he looks like Darth Vader. Hence his firm grip on the lightsaber.)


On Friday we picked Jeff up from work and checked out his (relatively) new office. Afterwards we went to dinner in Hell’s Kitchen. Arthur could not sit still for more than 20 seconds. He was fidgeting non-stop. Until around 10:30pm when I had lost my patience more times than I care to admit and was filled with guilt and exhaustion, I lied down next to him in bed, and he finally calmed down. Except his little feet kept shifting and moving until after he had gone to sleep. He is a very active boy to begin with, but these treatments really turn him into a maniac. I’m happy to say his cold is on its way out/has moved on to his brother. Gahh.


On Saturday we split up kid duty. I spent my morning at the gym and shopping in our neighborhood, while Jeff took the boys to the Children’s Art Museum. I hung out with them at home in the afternoon while Jeff went shopping in the city.

That night we went on a date. Arthur screamed his head off when it was time to leave him and Julian with the babysitter. I left with a huge cloud hanging over my head.

Dinner, however, was delicious.


We’ve been trying to go to places we wouldn’t usually go to with the kids – mostly because of Arthur’s allergies. Two weeks ago Chinese, and last night this Arabian French bistro in the East Village. Sesame, tahini and nuts for all eternity. Sorry, Arthur. It was so good.

Afterwards we quickly stopped by the bar where Jeff and I met 9 (!) years ago. We hadn’t been back in probably 6 years. The same guy was still checking IDs at the door and, when he glanced up at us, said, “Hey, it’s been a long time.” It felt nice to be remembered. But the place was so overcrowded that we went to a dive bar around the corner instead.

On Sunday we laid low. Lots of this (Kristoff, Elsa & Anna on a spaceship)…


…and this…


Playing, reading the newspaper, and – the best part of the day – NAPS. Also, trying not to kill each other.

Two highlights from this week I don’t want to forget:

On Tuesday, Arthur stayed at the daycare at the gym for the first time happily and without a single tear. (Of course he made up for it when we left him with the babysitter Saturday night.)


On Thursday, the boys were invited to one of Julian’s friend’s birthday party. She turned 4 and had invited some of the girls from Julian’s pre-school and my two boys to celebrate with her. It was the quintessential German kid birthday party, with homemade waffles and whipped cream and German party games that brought me back to my childhood. We all had a blast. It was so adorable.


And after a weekend of loud, sick, and disobeying kids and lots of bickering between Jeff and me, I feel lucky to have a husband who makes spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and can always (well, almost always) make me laugh.


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