20 Days until Spring…

This weekend spring was in the air! 20 days to go…we are so ready. We talk about bike rides and trips to Coney Island and being outside until we drop.

On Saturday we took the boys to the Manhattan Children’s Museum. They both cheered and jumped up and down when we told them where we were headed. They had so much fun. But it was packed! The boys played and played. Jeff and I sat back and hung out, reading the paper and doing crosswords and taking pictures…


Then we went to get brunch. Afterwards we took a couple of busses, much to the boys delight.


That’s when Arthur started falling asleep…


He slept being carried down Lexington Avenue and then up and down escalators and elevators at Bloomingdales. This child is incredible. We’ve had some challenges with him getting him to stay in his bed at bedtime and not come out with 5 to 25 requests ranging from needing lotion on various body parts to needing one more hug to having run out of things to say and simply standing in the doorway, aggravating us/making us laugh.

So I played around with having him skip his nap, but he will fall asleep anyway. He sleeps no matter where he is or what’s going on, and he is extremely grumpy if I wake him up early. So until we find a better solution, naps for the win, and also the power of the holy sticker chart.


Oh, and here is his big brother following suit:


If they like sleep so much, why can’t they sleep past 7am, EVER?

On Sunday the boys rode their bikes into DUMBO, where we all had brunch together. Oh, yes. At some point over the last few months dining out has become all enjoyable and pretty much 100% stress-free. Arthur can now sit and occupy himself for however long it takes us to drink Bloody Marys and eat tasty brunch food. And Julian, at almost 5, is pure joy. There is no other way to put it.


We let the boys ride their bikes around Squibb Park until it was time to head home and say good-bye to Jeff, who was heading to Kansas for work. The boys rested for an hour, and then we headed out again to enjoy as much of the sunshine as we could.


Did I mention that this child has opinions about his outfits? Julian (still) couldn’t care less about what he wears. Arthur, however, has clear preferences. He picked everything he was wearing today, and I love it. From the colors to Darth Vader to the cat leggings and the Rudolph socks. Oh Arthur, never change. (Except at bedtime.)


Today was lovely. We played and ate fresh strawberries at the playground and dreamed of spring. And now it’s spicy Thai food, wine, M&Ms and the Oscar’s. Oh, and sleeping children.

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