Our Visit to the Natural History Museum

Today I decided to take the boys on an adventure day. A while ago I applied for the IDNYC, card, and I’ve been getting myself some free memberships to some of the museums we go to the most – it’s so great. Especially because I don’t have to feel guilty if we don’t stay long or don’t see everything.

Today we went to the Natural History Museum. We didn’t bring a stroller (I think we might get rid of it soon – how liberating!), checked our coats, and got our new membership card. It was so easy.


We spent a lot of time checking out all the sea creatures. Except the big squids which are apparently super scary. Mostly we tried to find every animal that is represented in the Go Fish game we play every day. Of course the giant whale is a favorite. Arthur danced underneath it.


We also looked at the dinosaur bones which are deemed mostly cool; only some are slightly scary , e.g. prehistoric shark. Julian closes his eyes and I have to lead him past it holding his hand. I’ve been doing this for years. But today, when I told him we were right underneath it, he totally opened his eyes and looked up – and probably realized it isn’t so scary after all.

The new dinosaur was cool! He is so big that his head doesn’t fit in the room.


After dinos, we went to the space section. The boys loved the animals, and we spent the most time there, but the space stuff is just so cool and really blows their minds. Arthur knows all the planets! And Julian of course knows more about planets and space than I do.


We had lunch at the museum and then headed home. The weather was lovely today, but still so cold.


Both boys passed out on the train.


When we got off the train, I took the boys out for giant pieces of red velvet cake and coffee for mama. It was delightful.


I love days like these with my boys. It’s easy (and necessary) to get stuck in our daily routines with school and speech therapy, but adventures like these are the  best. I need to do it more often.

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