Our week(end)

Upon our return from Mexico, Julian had a week off from school, and it was lovely to have him home. I used to consider school a break for us from each other, but lately I’ve really enjoyed spending time with this kid, even more than usual. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of him starting kindergarten later this year?

We spent the week playing with a bunch of Julian’s and Arthur’s friends – almost all of them girls. It was fun. And it’s nice for me to hang out with my friends as well. Especially the ones who bring Prosecco and let my children go on and on about Star Wars.


Other than that we’ve been singing our hearts out to “HellobyAdele” – as Arthur thinks this is the proper song title – and Come What May by Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ewan McGregor. Both boys love to sing, and Arthur has recently perfected the rock star move (complete with attitude) to swipe the hair out of his eyes. Unfortunately I think Jeff is right and both boys have the voice of a drummer.


Julian has started picking up a daily chore: emptying the dishwasher.


He always does his job very well and takes much pride in it. He gets a quarter for his piggy bank, and I get a moment of peace.

This weekend was busy and lovely. On Saturday I stayed in bed and read while the kids played.


I also cuddled with these people:


Then I went to the gym. For the rest of the day, we spilt up the kids. Jeff took Julian on a date, and I took Arthur to IKEA. Meatballs! Also: some shopping.


Then we came home and enjoyed the sunshine and took his scooter for a spin. We played at the playground and ate chocolate cookies. It was so good to finally be outside again. I’m getting excited for spring!!


Jeff and I went on a date Saturday night. Chinese food in Chinatown followed by coffee and dessert in Little Italy. It was one of my favorite dates. The food was so good. Here is Jeff in the middle of telling me a story. Intense!


On Sunday we grabbed bagels and ate them on the Promenade. The boys rode more scooters. (The bikes both have flat tires…)


Sunday night we had friends over for dinner. It was good company, and the food turned out well, and everyone was happy.

And now it’s back to business after a two week break with Mexico and school holiday. I know my boys will miss each other today, as they always say they do.



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