Viva Mexico!

We’re back in the land of cold, cold, and more cold. But at least we’re braving the freezing temperatures with a little tan and happy memories. Our week in Mexico was great. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a very happy time with gorgeous beaches, sunshine, lots of fish tacos (Julian), guacamole (Arthur), and margaritas (Jeff & me).

Traveling was so-so…the trip to Cancun was annoying. The kids were restless, and the airline (American Airlines) was horrible. I mean, horrible. Never again with that airline. On the way back we flew Jet Blue, and what a difference. Unlimited complimentary cookies! Enough said.

Once we arrived in Cancun, we had to wait forever to get our rental car, and Arthur screamed from pure exhaustion during the car ride to Tulum. He was done. He had gotten up at 5am and not napped at all, so – ugh. But overall the boys were good. Julian, in fact, was amazing. Almost five means you can take him places. He is patient and kind and such a good buddy to his brother. That is when he’s not bossing him around or taking sh*t away from him.


We stayed in a little hotel in Tulum right by the beach and in walking distance to all the shops and restaurants.


We had a similar routine every day: breakfast somewhere nearby or at our hotel (except one time when we drove into town and had breakfast at a German restaurant), then a day at the beach.


Some mornings we slept in. And a couple of times we watched the sun rise:


We basically just lived at the beach. We ate lunch there…


…and snacks…


…and ice cream…


We swam in the ocean a lot. I went snorkeling one time. I saw giant turtles! And lots of fish.


We drank lots of cervezas and read lots of Star Wars books. Arthur took his pants off. A lot. (not pictured)


The boys were wonderful and fun and smelled of sunscreen and mango. There was sand everywhere, at all times, and in fact I think we brought quite a bit of it home with us. Along with two suitcases of dirty laundry.

After spending the day at the beach, we returned to our hotel for a cold margarita by the ocean and played some more.


One day we checked out the ruins. But Arthur wasn’t feeling well, so basically I carried 40 pounds of child around the Mayan ruins of Tulum. We also played lots of Go Fish! and Memory.


One day we hung out with Jeff’s co-worker and her adorable son. The boys had a great time shooting invisible monsters with invisible guns.


We met another couple from our neighborhood (Tulum is full of Brooklynites), who had left their young kids at home with the grandparents. They asked us how it was traveling with the kids, and I told them, “Well, it feels like a vacation from our life at home! But it’s certainly a different kind of vacation than traveling without kids.” But that’s ok.


I love that I can give my boys some of the same memories that I have from my childhood. Traveling to foreign countries, eating different foods, being tired and sandy and happy and listening to a mediocre beach band while drifting off to sleep with my parents sitting together over a glass of wine on the porch. That, or something like that.

We’re already plotting our next adventure!


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