Some of this, some of that

The last week was pretty rough, kid-wise, because Arthur was in such a bad mood and cried whenever he wasn’t being held, carried or lying on top of me. I always know it’s bad when I get knowing looks from our downstairs neighbor along with an inquiry as to what the hell is going on (in reality it sounds like, “Are things ok? Is the poor baby sick?” but all I hear is, “You people are too damn loud! I can’t believe the amount of crying I’m hearing! You are a FAILURE!”).

We looked mostly like this:


Anyway. I digress.

Arthur seems to be better now, and in fact when I told him last night that I was heading to the store for a minute and he was staying home with Papa, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ok.” Which is so much better than an hour of screaming for Mamaaaaaaaaaa.

We had a low-key weekend.

On Saturday the highlight was one of the boys’ best friend’s birthday party. There was a bouncy house. And wild animals! Snakes! Spiders! A crocodile!


Also, arts and crafts. And cupcakes!


On Sunday we took the boys to the Star Wars costume exhibit in Manhattan.


It kind of blew all of our minds.


We followed up with beer and sausages at a German beerhall.

Today was pure exhaustion. I won’t bore you with the details, but Arthur had a nut food challenge at Mount Sinai at 8:30am. We were there until 12:30pm, together in a small room with nothing to do other than eating Nutella (the nerve!).


Just kidding. It looked mostly like this:


We did puzzles and read books and played Star Wars and cuddled and talked and watched some TV. My second born is perfectly pleasant and lovely to be around and so so funny – when he’s not acting like a complete lunatic.

Anyway. Arthur passed! We can now eat Nutella morning noon and night.

The end.

Oh wait. Because eating chocolate spread all morning wasn’t enough (and because we had some time to kill before picking up Julian from school), I took Arthur out for pancakes. Like 20 pancakes.

I asked him if he was enjoying his date with Mama, and he replied, “No. I miss Julsie.” (That’s what he’s been calling his big brother.)

Thanks, kid. I enjoyed the date, so that’s what counts. That, and the pancakes.


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