Snowmageddon 2016

Did it snow, or what?!

This weekend was so much fun. We had more than two feet of snow! We started the weekend with waffles and Bloody Marys, and then we bundled up to go exploring outside. Did I mention that Arthur hates hates putting on his winter gear? He hates it. A lot.

Once he realized that he was all dressed, he was hit in the face with, you know, a blizzard. He cried for about a block, and then Jeff took him home. Julian and I headed down towards the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and sledded down a small hill a few times. He loved it. But the wind was brutal.


Last night we had our friends over, including Julian’s best friend, and if they are to be trusted his future spouse, Shirine.


The kids had a blast, Jeff made three amazing pizzas, and we drank lots of red wine. Julian and Shirine on their pizza date:


But oh man, four kids four and under in a small apartment is no joke. The noise!

This morning we bundled up again and headed out. It was gorgeous! The wind had stopped, and the snow was just beautiful. We spent hours sledding in Fort Greene Park.



We brought brownies and hot cocoa (chocolate to wash down chocolate, you know)…



Then Arthur determined that it was nap time. Right then and there. We had just come down the hill, and Julian made a snow angel. And then this:


He slept for a good 30 minutes. Then we went and had burgers, pancakes and pastrami sandwiches at Junior’s. Arthur had some of that, but mostly he had amazing hair.


Now we’re all tired. So tired. Jeff and I were supposed to be at a Bruce Springsteen concert tonight, but sadly it was postponed because of the weather. Such a bummer. But at least we’ll get to go to sleep early! Sledding is exhausting. And so much fun!

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