To gym or not to gym

Today it snowed for the first time this winter. Although it didn’t stick, the boys were excited to witness the flurries from the window.

It’s been a good weekend. It’s funny how in the winter months we find our groove to a slower rhythm. There is more reading and cuddling under blankets, more movie watching and Go Fish-playing. Yes, even Arthur has gotten into playing that game, and it’s kind of fun. Although we do say how much we miss our bikes at least three times per weekend. We just miss being outside all day and being sun-kissed.

Yesterday we went to the Brooklyn Museum in the morning to check out a Coney Island exhibit. Also, these guys:


The exhibit was fascinating. We just love Coney Island so much, and it’s crazy to see how much it has changed over time. I wish I could travel back in time and spend a day in the magical Coney Island of the early 20th century.


Then we went out for brunch, and I was hit with the notion in this exact moment that it does get easier. People say it all the time, and it keeps proving to be true. The boys can sit on their own, there is no screaming, and they can self-entertain while we are entertained by Bloody Marys and adult conversations. At least for part of that lunch.


Afterwards we stopped by Target without needing to buy anything, but of course they have tons of Star Wars stuff, so now the boys have lightsabers and a small Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter. For the rest of the weekend they have been playing with these things almost exclusively.

Today we were invited to a birthday party at New York Kids Club in the morning. It was fun – once the boys got over the fact that there was a little bit of organized games and cheerful cheeriness from the girls who entertained the kids. It is so not Julian’s cup of tea. He gets visibly uncomfortable, and I actually caught him biting his nails at one point – something he hasn’t done since last October! It’s hard to see your kid so uncomfortable, but I just held his hand and told him he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to do. Once the organized fun was over, both boys had a blast running around and jumping on everything in the kid gym.

Speaking of gym, I went and checked out our local Equinox today and am contemplating signing up. It would be nice to do something for myself, away from the kids that’s also good for me. But I’m also afraid to commit. So there’s that. Who knows what 2016 has in store for us, but at least I’m starting the year with some good intentions…

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