Sunday Funday

Jeff had to work on Sunday, so I decided to take the boys to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. It was a rainy, gray day. I put the boys’ mud pants on, and we made sure to hit every puddle on the way there and back.

They played on a nearby playground for a while, but the slides were so slippery that I was worried someone would break a tooth or limb.


The museum itself was fun. It always is. (Except when it’s not and I’m stressed, but today all was good.)


The boys shopped in the pretend grocery store, made lots of felt pizza, drove the bus, played in the water and sand. But the majority of the time, I’m sorry fellow museum visitors, they spent banging tiny drum sticks against metal drums – making the maximum amount of noise possible. They were in a band, you see. I was just so thankful that these performances weren’t happening in my home, where, you know, we have neighbors. (Those poor people.)

On the way home, this:


If anyone ever wondered why this child falls asleep on the subway (at 12:30pm! Not even past nap time!) or in the middle of a loud movie or just about anywhere else in life, here is why. This is how Arthur goes through life, pretty much, all day every day. Watch at your own risk, or please don’t watch at all if you’re sensitive to noise or obnoxious children:

In the beginning, Arthur yells, “Thank you for your patience.” You’re welcome, kid.

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