City Day

It’s been nice to get back into our normal routines this week, with school and speech therapy and work. Arthur has finally started to sleep through the night again after getting up at least once a night for months to go to the bathroom (or occasionally to ask for help in finding his “frog” – which no thank you, kid, I’m sleeping). This interrupted sleep thing…it was getting really, really old. So every day this week I got up at 6am to work out for 45 minutes and shower in peace. By the time the boys get out of bed at 7am and our most hectic hour of the day begins, I feel like I already accomplished something.

On Saturday we had a solid NYC day. We spent some time at the Museum of Natural History and explored the planets and our universe. We took the boys to the Hayden Planetarium for a movie on the universe. It was loud and bright, so naturally Arthur fell asleep on my lap 20 minutes into it. He slept while being carried through the museum for another 15 minutes. I’ve always admired his ability to sleep anywhere he pleases.

Then we stopped for a Mexican lunch. The boys stuffed their faces with fish tacos, chips, and guac. The food was delicious. As were the margaritas.

We stopped by Soho to look for a new lamp and then settled for coffee and brownies instead. It was a great day. The boys were troopers. We didn’t bring a stroller, so Arthur walked for the majority of the day. I think we’re pretty much done with strollers; he never wants to sit in one. How will I carry all my stuff from now on?

I took zero pictures all day, except for this one of my Star Wars obsessed boys on the subway ride home:


Last but not least, I’ll leave you with this… We had our first very cold day this week, and Arthur and I had some errands to run. I bundled him up (he was still offended/shocked by the cold temps) and snapped a photo, and then later recalled I had taken a very similar one the year before. And as it turns out the year before that, too. My baby!



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