The Force is Strong with These Ones

This Christmas we introduced the boys to Star Wars. I’m not sure what I expected, but whatever reaction I thought they might have, what happened in reality far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. It was probably naive of me; after all, I am married to a man who at heart is still a seven year old boy who went to see Star Wars for the first time with his Dad.

For almost a full week now we’ve been talking about Star Wars every day, for the majority of the day. Jeff lets the boys play with his vintage 1970s Star Wars figures. Empty paper towel rolls turn into lightsabers, sheets are capes, my baking pans are space ships, the bunk bed often functions as the Millennium Falcon. Julian is always Princess Leia and Arthur is always Darth Vader.

The other day we went to the Library and found a treasure: a Star Wars book.


The boys only made it down the steps and had to stop to look at it. Then they fought over who got to carry it.


The boys have been living, breathing, dreaming about Star Wars. This morning Julian drew TIE fighters (left) and Millennium Fighter and Death Star (right).


Part of me mourns the days when they didn’t know what a gun was (like a week ago from today);  especially thinking about Arthur, who is only 2 1/2. He was showing all the characters in the Star Wars book to his speech therapist the other day and then said, “And this is the Death Star.” Her jaw dropped and he immediately followed up, “But it’s not real.” It is what it is, and I have to admit that I totally enjoy learning all about this new world along with them.

I’ve always been a little sad when thinking about my babies growing up, turning into big kids who need me less. But I have to say that it is awesome. It’s fun to talk about things that aren’t boring to an adult mind (space! planets! geography! math!) such as Thomas and his trusty friend, Percy. Later choo-choos, we’re dealing with intergalactic problems now. (Except of course you NYC subways, you are here to stay. The boys’ love for you shall never end.)

I’ll leave you with a few words from Arthur on his new favorite friends:

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