Christmas 2015

This Christmas was wonderful. I think I might go as far as to say this was my favorite Christmas ever.

Here’s why:

We stayed in pajamas for days, literally. It might be gross, if you think about it too much, but don’t. Just think that we loved being together inside, playing with our new toys.


Yup. Picking his nose.

New toys! Santa was so on target this year. Julian got his much desired Lego high speed train, and Arthur got the Staten Island Ferry he had hoped for. Other highlights were German streetcars from Opa & Oma, and Playmobil airplane and helicopter from the grandparents. Also, space obsession has begun!


But seriously, that Lego train, all 600+ pieces of it, is solid gold.


Julian is great at playing independently, but never have I ever seen him so completely entranced by a toy. He has played with this train for hours, literally. Hours. We didn’t see him all day yesterday. It gave me a glimpse into the future where my kids won’t want to spend every waking minute of their day with me. It was kind of beautiful and sad at the same time.


Christmas magic. The kids are sold on Santa. All of it. The reindeer, the Polar Express, the magic.


Did I mention reindeer? Arthur just calls Rudolph “shiny nose,” and Santa left us this little gem:


Arthur can’t stop kissing him.

Food. We’ve been eating non-stop. Christmas ham, cinnamon rolls, croissants, bacon, eggs, bloody marys. Also, sadly, a roast chicken that I ruined, so that was sad, but yay for leftover ham, so whatever.

The weather. I don’t even know if I mean it. The weather has been so weird! But I guess it doesn’t even matter, since we didn’t leave the house for days. But that one time when we did, on Thursday I think? It was nice to run around in t-shirts. In December. And to jump in puddles.


Star Wars. Not totally Christmas-themed, you say? Well, maybe. But Jeff and I have been re-watching all of the episodes in anticipation of the new release, and today – on a whim – we watched Episode IV with the kids. We’d been discussing the right time to introduce them to it for a while, and we agreed that the kids are too young. Julian is super sensitive and gets scared easily, and blablabla we watched it today with the kids. It was such a big moment for Jeff – he may or may not have cried (spoiler alert: he totally cried).


The boys loved it. All of it. No one got scared, no one complained and begged for a “kid’s show.” None of that. They were so into it; it was great. Arthur mostly asked the following, “What’s his name? Who is this man? Is he mean? Where is Princess Leia?” and then promptly decided to be Darth Vader for the rest of the day. Julian asked slightly more questions:

Family. It was so lovely for all of us to be together, happy, and healthy. Today we got to see the cousins, and when cousin Ben walked in with a Millennium Falcon toy in hand, we knew the kids would have a great day together. Here they are, looking angelic while waiting for their BBQ dinner, but needless to say that looks are deceiving.


All in all, I wouldn’t change one thing about this Christmas. Other than perhaps the cooking time of that roast chicken, but who cares. Julian liked his “roast chicken” (= leftover ham) much better than the ham the night before (= original ham) anyway.


For kicks, here is last year’s Christmas.

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