I don’t even know what’s what anymore. We have a gorgeous tree in our apartment, decorations and candles everywhere, and children who are totally filled with Christmas spirit, singing Jingle Bells and Rudolph all day long, talking about Santa and the Polar Express and how many more sleeps until Christmas. Yet, somehow, I am not quite in the Christmas mood. Maybe because it’s so unusually warm? Or because we’ve all been stretched a bit thin?

I’ve really been struggling with keeping my cool with the boys this week. And as it always is, after a particularly low day comes a good one – because otherwise we would all quit. So, everything’s ok.

We’ve had some friends over for playtime and mulled wine and lots of cookies. We’ve been making cards for teachers and wrapping presents. In an effort to find more peace, I have been reading more – and it truly helps. It’s just so much nicer to sit down with a book during a quiet moment than to stare at my phone or do random things around the house.

The weekend was actually lovely (except for Sunday when Jeff worked and the children were horrible, and I was even worse). On Friday we met Jeff at Herald Square and visited Santa at Macy’s.


Yup. Exactly. You truly had to believe. The boys were sweet, though, and didn’t notice the terrible beard or anything else. They were full of questions and made sure Santa knew what their Christmas wishes were. Arthur showed him his train. Santa was like, “That’s nice. Now back off, boy.”


They asked him the one burning question, “Did you come here on your sleigh or did you take the Polar Express?” (answer: the sleigh)

Afterwards Julian and I left Papa and Arthur behind and went on a date. For weeks now Julian has been begging me for a date, so it was finally time. We took the train back into Brooklyn, sitting next to each other, holding hands. He was so sweet. As we got up to get off at Bergen Street, a lady next to us wished us a good night. Julian replied, “Thanks! We’re on a date!”

We went to Julian’s choice of establishment: a hot dog place. We ate dogs, fries and had a milkshake/beer. It was delightful.


Julian is one of the best dates I’ve ever been on, and he didn’t even offer to pick up the check.

On Saturday we went to the Bronx Botanic Gardens for the annual Holiday Train Show. It was so fun! And so tiring.


Afterwards we got hot ciders and ran around the gardens. Of course it was one of the very few cold days we’ve had. It was lovely.


Saturday night Jeff and I went on a dinner date, and that too was lovely.

Other than that we’ve just been hanging out in our Christmas pajamas, eating cookies, and trying to be nice to each other. This is Julian’s face watching Elf for the first time.


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