A Bunk for the Boys

It’s Monday, and we all feel a bit run down. Arthur gave his cold to Julian and both of his parents, but somehow Jeff and I are much more complain-y and tired. Mostly I think we’re tired of being tired.

I went out Friday night with my former co-workers (back when I had a job that required me to wear pants), and it was so much fun.


It also totally ruined me for the rest of the weekend, because I’m old and apparently I can’t go out anymore.

This weekend we assembled the boys’ bunk bed. I use the term “we” loosely, because it was mostly Jeff who did all the work, while I held boards in place and tightened the occasional screw. It was hours of work, but it turned out amazing!


The boys love their new bed. And yay! No one has fallen out. (Yet.)


We’ve been enjoying the ridiculously warm temps and have been spending much time at the playground and on scooters and bikes.


On Saturday we went to Julian’s school’s Holiday party, and it felt crazy to drink Glühwein while simultaneously wearing a t-shirt and standing by the open window, but not that crazy actually, because it tastes good no matter what weather. I baked gingerbread:


On Sunday we celebrated one of the boys’ friend’s birthday, and much of the party was held outside because it was so warm.

Also, a CLOWN!


Julian laughed so hard he was out of control. The clown is one of the teachers Julian had during his first year at his German pre-school, and he’s always loved Simon, but never as much as when he put on a red nose. Also, Julian did a fair amount heckling. It was too cute. It also showed that he is totally Jeff’s and my kid. As if that wasn’t clear already.


And we got ourselves a tree! Who cares if it’s beach weather.


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