Weekend Shenanigans

This past week wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary, but on Friday it was a true low point. It reminded me of the many days I had that were just like this, although slightly different because the problems were different and the babies were younger, but the feeling was just the same. Feeling overwhelmed and impatient and annoyed and alone, complete with back pain and a headache and the notion that the next kid to scream or disobey will be sleeping on the street.

It brought me back to the days when I would call Jeff at work and request demand that he come home immediately. Mind you, it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s that feeling of being overwhelmed by the mess and clutter and having to do a million things and children who are demanding a million things and everything seeming to fall apart – and the failure to see the big picture.

So Friday sucked.

On Saturday morning Jeff left for work (yes, Sunday too! yay us!), and I let the boys watch TV while I took a shower and straightened up. Just those 45 minutes of time were magical. Why did I beat myself up the day before? Who cares if they watch another show? It will probably damage them less than having to deal with an impatient mother.

We met some friends for story time and went to brunch. Five kids, five adults. It was fun. Julian, who had been testing me left (this just somehow was auto-corrected to Lego which is totally relevant in my life right now) and right, totally redeemed himself when I observed his interactions with someone other than me or his brother. He is smart and sweet and clever and kind – and I don’t know why he is so annoying sometimes.

Brunch was over at 2pm, and I decided it was too late for a nap, and it was sunny out, so we stopped at home to pick up scooters and helmets and went for a long walk. Highlight: Julian didn’t die when he raced down a big hill and couldn’t brake even though I was screaming “BRAKE! BRAKE! BRAKE!” and then tumbled and fell and I was too far away and also trying to save his brother from suffering the same fate. A kind stranger peeled him off the ground and I arrived just in time for hugs and drying tears and making sure all was fine. While I was busy doing that, Arthur very sneakily took his scooter back up the hill and attempted to do the same stunt, true Arthur-style. I ran up and took the scooter away and asked him if he had lost his mind. He just smiled. (So the answer is probably yes.)

We played all day. Everyone was happy. The sun was shining. I was in complete love with my boys. We stopped for overpriced treats at the chocolate shop and had leftover soup for dinner.

We wrote our letters to Santa. Arthur wishes for a Staten Island Ferry and Julian for the Lego ICE train.


The boys were in bed by 8pm – everyone was so tired.

Today was very relaxed. St. Nikolaus came and left goodies in our shoes. We played at the playground, rode scooters  and didn’t fall despite stunts such as these…


I napped. The boys didn’t. But they stayed in their room for 1 hour and 11 minutes (the time I decided on a long time ago for no other reason other than it looks nice on the alarm clock timer). Then they woke me up and cuddled with me and let me tickle them silly. This afternoon we played rocket ships and trains and were lazy.


Here’s to hoping Jeff can take a day off work this week so we can get our Christmas tree. And also assemble the boys’ bunk bed, which by the way HAS NOT YET ARRIVED EVEN THOUGH WE WAITED FOR IT ALL DAY ON FRIDAY.

Peace out, weekend.


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