This and that, and more of that

I would have written much sooner, except I spilled a glass of water all over my laptop on Monday, and so I was sort of out of commission. The computer made a beep sound and then died, very quickly, without much time for drama. We let it dry and rest for several days, and now – tada! – it’s working once again. Phew.(Update: It died again just before I could finish this post.)

Thanksgiving was lovely and peaceful and much happier than last year when we had started battling with cold and flu season and Arthur’s asthma.

The highlight was definitely the cousins playing together and having so much fun. Especially Julian and Ben, who were born just a few hours apart, are best buddies and went on missions and built forts all day long. It was adorable.


I also loved that Jeff and I could go on dates because Grammy offered to put the boys to bed. It was fun to hang out in a college town, eating wings and drinking beer and ignoring the questioning looks of the 20-somethings. We dressed the part.


Thanksgiving itself was delightful and full of turkey and goodness. My mother-in-law had prepared an incredible dinner for all of us. Also, yay for kids’ table!


The next day all the cousins (and their parents and grandparents) went on the annual steam train ride to see Santa and admire the old trains.


On Saturday we took the boys to a zoo, and on Sunday we all saw a movie (“The Good Dinosaur”).


On Monday we returned to Brooklyn. I spilled water on my laptop. Arthur ironed our credenza the next morning.


Julian fell down the stairs. Jeff has been working 14 hour days, every day. My patience is a bit thin at times. Of course, everyone and everything is fine, sort of. Just a bit worn down.

On days like today, where I am looking at the lovely sunshine from inside, waiting for a giant bunk bed delivery from FedEx, that surely won’t show up after we’ve spent all day cooped up inside, my children are bouncing off the walls. And I really struggle for patience.

On the upside of things, Jeff and I had a lovely date on Monday night. Coincidentally, it was also the last time I really saw him other than for a few minutes in the mornings because he’s been working so much. We went to see Glen Hansard perform at Kings Theatre in Flatbush – and what a gem of a venue we stumbled into! It is such a  gorgeous place. Opening act: the guy we both love and saw live just a few months ago, Richard Thompson. It was a wonderful night full of amazing music and voices and my guy by my side.


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