Keeping it real

It’s 9am, and I am on my third cup of coffee. (There were three typos in this first sentence that were auto-corrected. Typing is hard.)

At 5:30am my beloved second born son stood next to my bed and said, “Find frog? Me can’t find frog.”

He neglected to say that his pajamas were damp because he’d had an accident in his bed, which of course was also wet. So I washed Arthur, changed him, found his frog in his bed and let Arthur cuddle with me in my bed. Neither of us fell back asleep.

At 6:15am Arthur, his frog and I got up, and Arthur & frog got to watch me while I attempted to work out. Then I took a shower.

In the meantime, my beloved first born son got up and quietly started drawing.

Arthur snuck back into bed with Papa. Who, by the way hasn’t been mentioned yet, because he is blessed with a deep, deep slumber and was oblivious to anything that had been happening for the past 2 1/2 hours.

I made coffee, breakfast, and changed Arthur’s sheets and wiped his bed down. I sorted our laundry for the week. I made Julian’s lunch. I got him dressed.

At 7:30am I asked Jeff to please get up. Except I didn’t use please, and I wasn’t exactly asking, either.

Julian and Arthur were screaming at the top of their lungs because I delivered breakfast and milk in the wrong color plate/cup.

Now Jeff and Julian are off to work and school, and I let Arthur play iPad. A while ago I came up with a new rule to complicate my life unnecessarily, and that is “No TV during the day.” So yay.

I scrubbed the hell out of our tub. It kind of made me feel better. And then I had more coffee.

Oh. And who is Arthur’s frog you ask?


Meet frog.

(He is actually a polar bear.)


A little while ago, the boys went to the dentist, and each got to pick out a free toy from the dentist afterwards. Arthur chose this:


He called this lizard his frog, and frog and Arthur were inseparable. Frog came to the zoo with us, to Prospect and Central Park, to play with friends, and he got to sleep in Arthur’s bed every night. After a week or two, frog had lost his tail and all of his legs. And then, finally, Arthur lost frog at the playground. We couldn’t find him. There were tears.

So naturally I ordered a 50 pack of sticky, rubbery toys from Amazon.

This week I had to go to the dentist myself, and because I wanted Arthur to be entertained during my teeth cleaning, I gave him a new little toy. It was a green polar bear. Arthur was delighted that he had a new frog. He never entertained the notion that it would be called anything other than frog, so whatever, mama. Polar bear. Pfffft.


I got a little sidetracked here. Time for more coffee. I should also check on Arthur and frog.


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