Boys on Bikes

On Friday Julian accomplished one of our favorite milestones to date! He learned how to ride a bike!!!

We finally took the training wheels off. He’d been ready for a while, but if you know Julian you’ll know that he doesn’t like change and that trying new things need to happen on his own terms.

But once the training wheels were off, he was off!


He’s come a long way from this little babe!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Julian more proud. He was beaming all day. We’ve been telling all of our neighbors and friends about his accomplishment; he is so so excited.

With that, of course, Arthur has a renewed interest in his balance bike.


We’ve been riding bikes every day since Julian learned his new skill, and the boys are unstoppable.


I don’t really have any pictures of Julian riding his bike, because he’s just gone! He just rides and rides until a pre-determined spot where he has to stop, but usually I don’t see much of him. I think he loves his new-found freedom.

Arthur is kicking his little legs and is trying very hard to keep up.


But usually we just see the dust Julian leaves behind.


Here’s to many bike adventures ahead!


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