A Good Case of the Mondays

The other day I took Arthur to the zoo in the morning after I’d dropped Julian off at school. When we mentioned it later in the day, very casual as not to make too big of a deal about it, Julian started crying silent, super sad tears and said he was so sad he didn’t get to go. It was tough to see, but I am still glad we told him because I want Arthur to be able to talk about his adventures that Julian isn’t a part of, just as we love to hear Julian’s stories when he comes home from school.

That said…Since it was a Monday that felt like a Tuesday (at the very least – Jeff had to work on Sunday and will work late nights all week), I decided to do something fun after school. Also, I can’t believe how ridiculously nice the weather is. So I took the boys to the zoo. They were stoked.

Here they are, guiding me to their favorite exhibits.


Prospect Park Zoo is such a tiny zoo, but it’s perfect for tiny people like mine. Also, since we have a zoo membership, I don’t feel bad about showing up an hour before closing time.

We started in the petting zoo:


The boys just loved feeding the animals. Well, mainly that bossy little goat pictured above. He bullied everyone else away from getting the animal treats. The boys talked to the animals, “Hi! How are you? How was your day? Good?” and couldn’t stop giggling when the goats licked their hands.

Then we stopped by some indoor exhibits, before we moved on to the spider web (with the help of Julian’s excellent map reading skills.)


The boys were so enamored with this web and pretending to be spiders and then also these eggs…


…that we didn’t look at any other animals.

It was so nice to just be in the moment and play with them, without rushing to see something and to just follow their lead.


It was sad to say goodbye to their baby bird…


We rode around the park…


…and stopped close to home for burgers.

Not too bad for a Monday.

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