Halloween 2015

Halloween – a highlight anticipated by both boys for weeks. After fairly detailed, complicated initial requests for NYC city busses along the lines of last year’s steam train costume, we gently guided the boys to the multitude of costumes available for purchase and not involving hours and hours of labor intensive cardboard construction.

Arthur was sold right away – following his latest obsession with witches. He picked his costume immediately and was very specific: a green witch. Julian went back and forth between dinosaurs and others, and finally settled on shark.

The night before Halloween we carved our (very first!) pumpkin.

IMG_3271 IMG_3270

Julian, who had already carved a pumpkin in school, guided us through the process. The boys were very in love with our creation.


The next morning Julian woke up at 7am and ran to the window, only to declare with a disappointed face that no one was in costume.

But he quickly got over it when we met up with friends at the local playground and paraded around the neighborhood with all the neighborhood kids.

IMG_3187 IMG_3186

We had our friends over for Bloody Marys and croissants and hung out while the kids played. Then we made sure the boys had some veggies and fruit in between cupcakes and croissants and the highly anticipated, holy CANDY.

After a nap for Arthur and rest time and lots of reading with Julian (we’ve been reading our way through a huge book of adventures about a little dragon named Coconut), it was time to go trick or treating.

The buckets were half full of candy by the time we’d made it down our stoop. We love our neighbors.

Here is Arthur with his kindred spirit and fellow witch, Estela.

IMG_3229 IMG_3273

Brooklyn Heights is so busy on Halloween, and people go all out. It’s fun to see the decorated houses, but navigating through the candy-happy crowds can be tricky. The boys definitely got their fair share of goods.

Afterwards, Uncle Brian came to meet us and we all went out for tacos to our local Mexican restaurant.

Then the big boys jammed, and the little boys played trains. And I sat on the couch, taking it all in, and dreaming of all of the candy I would be eating once the boys went to bed…


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