Exploring our (not so personal) backyard

Friday has been our day to venture out, so I was excited to explore Prospect Park today with the boys on our bike. The colors are so beautiful this time of year; I just can’t get enough.


We wandered around the paths of the Ravine and explored. We saw chipmunks and squirrels and bugs. Also: a waterfall. Arthur was obsessed with the possibility of running into a fox, so he was really tense for most of our walk.


We collected leaves, pinecones, gumballs, and sticks. The boys jumped and poked things with their sticks and climbed on everything.


Then we rode over to a “nature playground” in the Park and stayed a while.

IMG_3043 IMG_3044

We ate almond butter and banana sandwiches in the sun and explored some more. There were little tree houses to hide in a stumps to climb on.

IMG_3042 IMG_3041

For no reason at all, we hadn’t been to this playground all summer. And now, in the fall, it’s just perfect. I love Prospect Park so much. I love that we’re a quick bike ride away from all of this; it was so wonderful to let the sun shine on my face today while I sat on a giant tree stump and my boys played all around me. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

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